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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Quickie E-Fishing Report #1a

Per several requests in lieu of my preaching, rants and general B.S.--- below is another current, succinct fly fishing report. By far it is easier for me to merely relay reports I'm giving to inquiries from existing & prospective clients than attempting to write a esoteric, well-written & creative piece.

"’s the fishing?
Simply “FAIR"at best… The big Truckee is lowering, but still a
bit warm. Best times are in the AM, dry-droppers in the pocket-water
and indicator-nymphing the deep runs or pools…with lead. The Little Truckee has been ramped-up during the 10 days; shutting-off
bug emergences & rising trout or sight-fishing to them. The best
technique has been indicator nymphing and if you’re lucking you
may see a sipping trout in the AM and dusk in the slick water.
Been up a couple of times since we went out. Did pretty good on little ones.
That is what we’re seeing on both rivers. The largest trout during the last week was an 18” rainbow which ate a San Juan Worm, on the LT…few risers even in the evenings
...LT it is currently close to 200 cfs; about 2 weeks ago it was 40 cfs.

...What’s working?
Call...I’ll give you current info as to conditions and what is working. Things can change. I do know we’re expecting some cooler air temps, rain & thunderdstorms this week-end; that can change things for the better. Hopefully this week-end's weather will create a change from the tough"dog-days" we've been experiencing the last 4-5 weeks.

During the last two weeks the best on the LT has been is 6 hook-ups and four lands to 18". On the BT, at most, 5 small ones to 14”. As I've mention, I'd rate things fair at best.

HINT: Lake inlets are a good prospects right now."

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