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Friday, September 22, 2017

Tell Me It Ain't So...

...Snow in Truckee! The reality is I've been snowed-on in Truckee as late as June 8 and early as September 12.
9 AM...Our Deck at 6500' elevation*
It is only, officially, the first day of Fall. We locals want a sun-drenched, High Sierra, Indian Summer. We'll take an average or above snowfall this Fall/Winter of  '17-'18...not the locally-named Snowamegdon we experienced last winter of '16-'17. Last winter was a godsend for the flora and fauna; especially our beloved wild trout.

*In the interests of TruthFull Blogging (non FakeNews); the image was taken by my wife Karen...I'm currently in Wolf Creek Montana fishing the Missouri River...and coincidentally,
WE GOT SNOWED ON! while on the river today.