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Monday, October 20, 2014



What year was Truckee River Watershed Council's first "Truckee River Day"?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Truckee Update...It Is Fall!

For sure, Fall is here!. The aspen leaves are a brilliant, shimmering gold, the waters are low, clear and cooling...and the trout are eating.

9/28 E-Quickie---"Fall is here and the “second season” has commenced.  The weather is changing, water remains low and clear, plus the water temps are cooling. Starting the 3rd week of September, the trout are grabbier, possibly sensing the sparse availability of food during the upcoming winter. Anticipate unpredictable climatic conditions, thus wear clothing layers. Bugs featured during the next few weeks are tiny, BWO’s along with the huge October Caddis. Do not forget egg patterns…NOT on redds!...egg-eaters will be on the look-out for them. Lakes conditions will remain quite fishable until the first significant snows occur. Davis and Crowley lakes, north and south of Truckee, are good choices now. Now, get out there."

10/1 E-Quickie---"Fish are rising on LT…small stuff on top and under…challenging but fun! BT; dry/dropper in the pockets…both waters low and crystal clear…fall weather is fabulous
10/3 E-Quickie--- "...a good  opportunity to fish over rising fish...although really “technical”; tough, very selective trout, thin tippets and tiny flies...6X…small gap on #20-22 flies (even though I open the gap”)…"
10/6 E-Quickie--"...A-game needed on LT...essentially spring-creek tactics and light tippets...accumulated numbers (55 hook-ups/37 netted) from nine (9) sessions by "accomplished"  anglers translates 1.5/1.1 fish per hour...Rainbows to 19" and browns to 18"..were waiting for the confirmed presence of the big browns..."  BT no numbers accumulated...smaller fish in pockets and the occasional bigger trout in deeper water runs and pools, if you can find such..."
Johnnie da Jeweler hooked-up
Nice RainBow on a dry...                       photo: John Leonard
"upper" Truckee...super low water fish the pocket water...short-line...dry/dropper
...for feisty stream-bred RainBows
Truckee in the "canyon" 
Above and below...suggested patterns for LT
Milton Lake
Milton Browns...above....Trucckee RB below