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Monday, December 31, 2018

Out with the Old...In with the New Year

Truckee area creek

I'm wishing everyone a Happy 2019

Another holiday season will soon be in the rear-view mirror. Time flies...seeming like the older one gets the quicker the time goes by. Karen and I have been fortunate having enjoyed another healthy and somewhat most of the time, a prosperous 2018...until we look at our current, updated retirement portfolios.

This past year's furthest, non-angling travel has been to the east-coast, specifically to Virginia, for close friends' surprise wedding anniversary event. Personally, from a fly angling perspective, there has been two out-of-state adventures; famous tailwaters, drifting the Big Horn during late Spring and early Fall on the Big Mo. As for my own local angling, I've become a "fair-weather fly angler" (read, optimum conditions...ideally head-hunting only!). I'm progressively minimizing my guiding activities; seeing/catching-up long-time clients and very selectively meeting new ones. I'm working with a great group of competent guides and am confident when referring. My main focus is now conducting skills clinics and local "tours".
CyberFly!! of my numerous monikers.

For 2019, as always I'll make my appearance at the annual Pleasant Fly Fishing show. Currently, I musing over several out of state/country excursion options;  a couple of Montana trips, my first immersion into the salt (Baja or Bahamas) and a possible return to the southern Hemisphere, either southern Chilean Patagonia, which I  really miss having spent 7 of 8 years there for 3 weeks at a time (2004-2011) OR my first visit to New Zealand.
Coyhaique area...almost a 1000 miles south of Santiago Chile 
The LT's  infamous "Bate Cave" bats there, swallows , yes

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Winter Here & Summer There

When we get that first blanket of snow in the Truckee area; we're elated, liking the seasonal changes, a bit relieved that the fire season has ended and looking forward  to Christmas time with some family and friends. It is also a time I personally get nostalgic about my early 2000's fly angling ventures to southern Chilean Patagonia....see bottom six images
... Front door view, Dark sky in-between snowfall 
Back-yard  forest...pontoon-boat under deck  
...sun and blue skies wind...quiet
west-slope Andes foothills, stream & vista
Lago Pollox
lots of multi-colored lupine
trekking to a spring creek and  its tiny "laguna"
small creeks...up and over
Valley  of the the Rio Nireahou