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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photo Essay...North Fork of Yuba

As I promised, below are images of my favorite "north of Truckee" water that I visit with clients during the "dog days" when the water on the BT is too warm and the LT is too crowded in addition is getting pounded by TOO MANY GUIDES (most being "takers" & not 'givers"...see my post of 10/17/09). I've had clients tell me that the North Fork reminds them of streams they have fly-fished in New Zealand...excepting the size of the trout. I wouldn't know but NZ is on my agenda; possibley during 2012.


  1. Nice photo's Frank!The North Yuba is a spectacular river.Love having that river in my backyard!

  2. Jay---Yes, the NFY is a wonderful little stream. I do the old Shannon Cabins (now Kokanee Cabins) to the dam a lot. I haven't done the Loganville to Herrington's in quite while. The latter is a long beat and if you're with slow fly anglers; it can take too long of time.