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Friday, February 15, 2019

...And It Continues

This current weather event is the third 3'-6' snow-drop in 3-4 day storm cycles we've experienced in the Truckee-Tahoe during February. Currently, the snow-water equivalent is 161% of historical median and precipitation is 127% of average to date. According to my calculations, projected snow--melt/water run-off is 204% of normal (161 X 1.21= 204).
It sure is "purdy" when there is a break in the me an opportunity to do some snow-clearing on the back-deck via  pushing and shoveling.
Then it gets dark again, wind commences with drifting snow and at times there are white-outs. In-between there is serenity and quiet.
and then it dumps again!
and we provide some fodder for the little, non-migrating, chicadees  

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Yikes!!!...Kidney Stones & Welcomed Snow

Yesterday I had a kidney stone-event. To say the least such is very painful. Karen drove me to the  ER in Truckee. The staff eventually subsided the pain via a couple of doses of Morphine. A CAT-scan revealed the existence of a "small" kidney stone. Actually that was good news in lieu of more a severe abdominal crisis.

The last time I had kidney stones and an ER visit was in the mid-80's. Then we actually lived in Kidney-Stone Valley; the area around Mt Diablo in the east-Bay Area. The region had a disproportionate incident of kidney stones...something to do about the water.

I'm home today watching the snow fall. To date the Truckee region has 109% of snow-water content and  91% of total precipitation. After this current series of snow events ends this Tuesday I project both aforementioned percentiles will increase; really wet,  heavy snow now (getting colder for great powder skiing) and anticipating 3+- feet at the higher elevations.

Good news for the trout and the forests. As for fly fishing; limited access (think snow shoes) on the BT and progressively more access as one drives east of town to the CA/NV state-line.
Trophy LT water is currently unavailable.
Close the LT to angling during the winter!

Standard times to be on the water are 11AM-3PM. Fish "low & slow" in the deep, quiet runs and pools.  If sunny, there is possibility of viewing a feeding snout at the surface. Bugs and flies...small; exception is the start of an Skwala emergence....and do not forget about the Winter Stoneflies