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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm Alive #3... for the Holiday Season

...been awhile. Thought I'd check-in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2015. We visited with family in Weed CA for Thanksgiving

Well we're getting snow. It is a good start for the "water year" (which actually starts in July). Let's hope these storms continue; California...and the fish...need it. I hear that we'll need 150% of normal to get us out of this three year D. Here's hoping that the "storm window" remains open for next three months....minimum. Cheers! with a nice Hot-Buttered Rum.

...and the fishing:
I haven't been out for awhile. Guess I've become a fair-weather angler; it has been really cold in the mountains. Actually right now I'm nurturing a cold and a very congested nose; a Hot-buttered Rum has been a good de-congester. 

Here is my last fly fishing adventure:

Simply, I lost my biggest Brown of the year (actually biggest trout of the year) the Monday before Thanksgiving. I had this fish on for over a minute (actually ACT II if you're familiar with Lani Waller's writing). It broke-off when the fly line got entangled in my wading staff (as in Thy Rod and Staff for those unaware my DBA). So, my rod and staff did not comfort me!

The episode started with a very sublte "take-down" of my indicator. I set-up, and felt several, slow head-shakes. Then the unforeseen surged quickly upstream to the top of the run ripping minimally 40-45 feet of line. It stopped, then leaped with three aerial head-tail whumps...and splashed back into the water; immediately heading back towards me. I countered by using my patented "spaghetti-retrieve", safely recovering all the line below my I thought. I still had the fish on a tight leash as it raced past and below me by about 30'. Then bink!! fish gone...I looked down at a loop of recovered line wrapped around my staff.

Conservatively, I guessed its size at a minimum of 25", possibly 28". When it was airborne I noticed its thickness, so it was easily a 5 pounder at the smallest guess and up to 8-9 pounds at the larger guesstiment. It was a thrill and an interesting end to my 2014 season, if only...

Monday, November 24, 2014



Where is this sign located?

Monday, October 20, 2014



What year was Truckee River Watershed Council's first "Truckee River Day"?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Truckee Update...It Is Fall!

For sure, Fall is here!. The aspen leaves are a brilliant, shimmering gold, the waters are low, clear and cooling...and the trout are eating.

9/28 E-Quickie---"Fall is here and the “second season” has commenced.  The weather is changing, water remains low and clear, plus the water temps are cooling. Starting the 3rd week of September, the trout are grabbier, possibly sensing the sparse availability of food during the upcoming winter. Anticipate unpredictable climatic conditions, thus wear clothing layers. Bugs featured during the next few weeks are tiny, BWO’s along with the huge October Caddis. Do not forget egg patterns…NOT on redds!...egg-eaters will be on the look-out for them. Lakes conditions will remain quite fishable until the first significant snows occur. Davis and Crowley lakes, north and south of Truckee, are good choices now. Now, get out there."

10/1 E-Quickie---"Fish are rising on LT…small stuff on top and under…challenging but fun! BT; dry/dropper in the pockets…both waters low and crystal clear…fall weather is fabulous
10/3 E-Quickie--- "...a good  opportunity to fish over rising fish...although really “technical”; tough, very selective trout, thin tippets and tiny flies...6X…small gap on #20-22 flies (even though I open the gap”)…"
10/6 E-Quickie--"...A-game needed on LT...essentially spring-creek tactics and light tippets...accumulated numbers (55 hook-ups/37 netted) from nine (9) sessions by "accomplished"  anglers translates 1.5/1.1 fish per hour...Rainbows to 19" and browns to 18"..were waiting for the confirmed presence of the big browns..."  BT no numbers accumulated...smaller fish in pockets and the occasional bigger trout in deeper water runs and pools, if you can find such..."
Johnnie da Jeweler hooked-up
Nice RainBow on a dry...                       photo: John Leonard
"upper" Truckee...super low water fish the pocket water...short-line...dry/dropper
...for feisty stream-bred RainBows
Truckee in the "canyon" 
Above and below...suggested patterns for LT
Milton Lake
Milton Browns...above....Trucckee RB below

Friday, August 29, 2014


Let's make this easy now. TT #20 and 21 were apparently too here's a "soft-ball"...


Prior to March of 2007's new Truckee River regulations; what creek was the downstream boundary of the river's special regulation water in California?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Boca Fire, Hoot Owl Closure & Other August/Truckee Matters

Milton Brown
...been awhile. The trees, low vegetation and ground around my home are saturated from yesterday's late-afternoon heavy rains...keep it coming!

NOTE: I you want a fly fishing update, scroll to the bottom

August started warm and remained so until there was a bit of relief during the second week which provided welcome rain; then hot days followed...again.   As I was talking on the phone on my back-deck during the third week of the month I saw a CDF helicopter and then an aerial-bomber pass overhead...I kept my fingers crossed because of the tinder dry fuel in the area (...after the short-lived wet weather events) The eternal hope is that it was nothing threatening. Well it was the early-stages of a brush fire near the Boca Dam that was quickly put-out by firefighters and consumed only 84 acres. Thank you CDF and other agencies involved for the quick and efficient response/suppression.

During late July and into August the BT flows were getting lower and the water temps were progressively increasing to stressful levels for the trout. Locally there was a proposed voluntary Hoot-Owl-Closure. It entailed leaving the Truckee River before noon and/or when the water temps were breaching into the high 60's and not returning to the river until the next day starting at 0600 . I volunteered and during the period I declined 6-7 guide dates. For sure it cost me money, but, the health of the fishery always comes FIRST! trumping the $$$.    
LT...upper Meadow
IMO there was a bit of misplaced hysteria induced by what I viewed as misinformation on both the Internet and regional TV about the severity of a fish kill/rescue/relocation below Boca dam.  The implication was the main river had experienced a major fish kill. Granted it was an issue, but not in the context that the short stretch before the inflow into the main not an important brood-stock spawning area; unlike Prosser, Donner and Martis creeks. In the short reach below Boca, progeny/nursery area yes, important spawning area....NADA. to the fly fishing.
Glenshire Bridge
During the hot-water phase I done personal fishing at Milton Lake and the LT and admittedly on the BT leaving at the latest 1100. Early fall-like weather has occurred during the last week and concurrently angling conditions have improved. The reason being is that most water temps are lowering and not as lethally threatening to the fish.

Trout are active and being fooled with either dry-dropper combos in the pocket-water and riffles or indicator rigs in the deep pools or run (if you can find them). Standard fare; attractor dries sized 12-16 trialing 16-20 BH generics and in the deep water, 2-4 #6 lead, Flesh-Juans trialing non-descript, 14-18 trailers. No big fish, to 16", but satifying numbers of 8"-11" browns and rainbows.
LT RainBow
There has been sparse surface feeding and few bugs. A few BWO's are being observed with a rarer,small  cranefly adults. Caddis activity has waned.  Seining requires several sweeps and even then there is not a lot of edible-sized fodder. What bugs that appear in the screening are in their early in-stars...tiny. Although we'll occasionally fine a large golden stone nymph. Crayfish and Sculpin imitations are worth a try if looking for the big-biter/high-caloric-intake, monster fish that trophy hunters covet. As fall approaches we're now looking for increased, late-brood BWO emergences, October Caddis and Little Lime don't forget beetles.
the LT's Bat Cave
The hope is that the "second-season" arrives sooner than later and the fish will sense such and start bulking-up for the up-coming winter. Anticipate remaining low water levels in both moving and still-waters and, most important, cooling water
temperatures and hungry trout.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Boomers, Lighting, Deluges...and July Fly Fishing

Warming water?...look for bubbly water and deep slots and pockets

Throughout the month of July we've netted some decent trout. There have been sparse numbers of 20"-plus trout; more higher-end of 20"-, both Rainbows and Browns. For the bigger fish; you have to target them...and timing is important. There has not been a lot of showing fish at the surface and the most productive method has been going-down "low & slow". My tried & true advice is to go big/small in sizes in your tandem rigs and adjust the in "when in doubt, add".
...get down!...use lead

Hatches have waned, even though we haven't witnessed reliable and sustained emergences. While seining for clinics I've had to make repeated attempts to get samples of the stream's bugs...more so than in a "normal" year.

It has been an interesting July We've experienced above normal and record hot, humid days. It has exasperated the times...marginal fly fishing conditions relative to low flows and warming waters.

Most recently, starting last Wednesday the 16th, the skies turned grey and foreboding; accompanied by some light sprinkles along with the distant sound of boomers and flashes of lighting. Then Thursday I flash-backed to Vietnam; a two hour deluge in the late afternoon. For sure we need the dampness and we hope it continues...the trout need all the water they can get and cooler flows.

My 3/9/14 "prognosis" has proven to be spot-on...we need a BIG winter!
The BT/LT Junction Pool

The below "ADVICE" is the best opportunity to hook/net some trout...maybe a long vacation from the water during august into September until we get cooling air temps and water flows.


If you insist on fishing the BT; whether below town or throughout the "canyon" on the California-side, do so early and leave early. I'm talking angling early AM to at the maximum noon! Water temperatures are in the high -60's even at  that time; the fish can be stressed irregardless of what type of water you fish.
You'll find bigger and cooler water in the "canyon"


Sunday, July 6, 2014


For years I've been informing new fly anglers that fly fishing was about "connectiveness" to what is occurring about us as we fly fish. This concept was recently more eloquently written about and reinforced in the current August-September 2014 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine's FORUM feature entitled "Time To Act" 

Here's the opening paragraph*:

"At its heart, fly fishing is about connections. When we wade into a handsome trout stream or stalk across a vast bonefish flat, we hope to touch something elemental, something that resonates deep inside. Rather than sitting in front of our TV sets or viewing nature through a window, we immerse ourselves in the world around us, the sunshine, the currents, the breeze and the intricate dance of life itself become more obvious, more personal, more real. And when graced with a trout, tarpon, or a steelhead on the end of our line, we can't help but give thanks for such an incredible gift." 

authors; Craig Matthews, Yvon Chouinard, Tom Rosenbauer &Todd Tanner 

Friday, June 20, 2014

TRUCKEE TRIVIA # 21...Answer

OK, no one seems to know where Crack-Ass Rock is.


It is along the Glenshire stretch of the Truckee River, above the Cat-House Hole, (aka The White House, Polaris or Pink House area), between the old walking trail along the rock wall and the new Legacy trail. If someone wants the GPS, I'll get it...let me know...da "crack" is highly visible.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

E-Quicky Report #16

We're still waiting for really consistent and predictable fishing action; on/in the surface film or below. Conditions are very fishable. It is a matter of time and that time is imminent.

MAY 24---"Well we’re still waiting for the consistent surface action on both the BT and LT. Best method remains sub-surface dredging with or w/o indicators. Dry/dropper “searching” has resulted in a few takes, but nothing of bragging size. Water temps on the BT yesterday were 57-59 along Glenshire; figure a tick or two lower below the reservoir inflows. Big water below Boca inflow in the low 700 cfs; above in the low 300’s to mid-100’s depending how high up along route 89.

 Haven’t seen any more Fly Black Carpenter Ants; they were present a couple of days last week. Now were on the look-out/watch for adult Golden Stones and Green Drakes. Seining indicates they are present and maturing….so soon. Seeing  small adult crane flies, sporadic PMD’s, Spotted and Green Rock Worm caddis. I’m getting a bit anxious, I want surface targets."

 MAY 27---"I am strictly a wading guide and do not operate in Nevada.  As of today there has not been any consistent dry fly angling. If so, skills are required because the few risers have been finicky."

MAY 28---"Yeah, it still remains slow on both the BT and LT. Essentially there has to be more bug activity on both waters. I’d like  to see a slow ramp-down in cfs on the LT. On the BT, flows are fishable (exceptionally low for this time of year) and the water temps are into the high 50’s. I have a challenge getting people into fish tomorrow and Friday."  

MAY 29---"There are some bugs on both the BT and LT, but few if any showing fish. The LT is already getting crowded.  Sub-surface remains the best for both waters thus far. We’re all waiting for the dry fly fishing to commence. You’ll see small caddis and a scattering of PMD’s, craneflies…I personally have not seen any Golden Stone adults. If I were you I’d explore the BT from the Boca inflow upstream; too much water below. The key is to “stick & move”; fishing quickly and methodically “searching the water”,  looking for an opportunistic feeder."

MAY 30----“…today we had the most success to date of raising fish to the surface while “searching the water” with dry/dropper rigs…pocket water best results…still not a lot of adult aquatics but steadily increasing in numbers…haven’t seen the ants for over a week…awaiting the Green Drakes and Golden Stonefly adults.”



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busman's Hoilday in Utah...Epilogue

This post is looong, but full of images...enjoy 
Flaming George Dam...Start of Section A on the Green River...Dutch John, Utah
Below are excerpts from my 4/14/2014 post:
"...verify if all the positive stories about this fishery is true."

"The hope is the timing is right and the BWO hatch will be in full-bloom...with lot of surface feeding trout."

Where there any disappointments? One, just a bit; I'd hope for more target-shooting when we drift-fished the last three days. It occurred on our first two days of wade-fishing. Fish were up and the hatch lasted about four hour both days. The area we wade-fished was the lower Section A. We stalked the banks to about 1-1/2 miles above "Little Hole". There was plenty of water to fish; everyone setting-in at a spot where there were plenty of fish to  target. Best flies were 18 BWO Pull- Overs trailing #20-22 Griffith's Gnats on 11'-12' leaders with 6 x tippets.

 E-notes to friends on  wade-fishing the first two days:
"I'm currently fly fishing the Green River's Flaming Gorge. I have never seen so many trout at the surface for an extended 4 hour period of a BWO hatch; exception being at Silver Creek during a Trico emergence/spinner fall."
"...I had a trying day (editor...tongue in cheek) casting to pods of surface-feeding 14"-18" Browns on the A section of the Green River from 1100-1600..the Baetis hatch last that long!...tough day ;-)."
 Little Hole....bottom of "A" section
looking for snouts and swirls at the surface 
....what's this?
...on closer viewing...solid matts of BWO stillborns and cripples
Three days of drifting; two days on A section and one day on the B section:
 There were BWO hatches all three drift days; but clear skies and heavy gusts of wind were not conducive to a good top-water feeding. So sub-surface was the best option, even though each day we targeted the sparse rising trout.  (Unlike the previous two days while wade fishing…we had bigger numbers to the boat (guessing 30-35;  browns, RB's and a few whitefish while on the "B" section.  Small flies, #4 and BB shot, 7'-9'drops from the indicator was required for the most consistent grabs. We used #16-18 non-descript nymph and egg patterns.

Irv (my fishing partner) and Gene the guide (highly recommended)
The Rainbows and Browns were in the 14"-18" range
unique "double"...Brown and Whitey...
 Wild asparagas