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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Where is Fornicating Rock?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Saying...A Question

I've been involved in  the fly fishing industry for numerous years. With the advent of the Internet things changed from a marketing and/or promotion perspective.  Of course it is a given that we're attempting to tout our services to attract prospective clients...some more blatantly than others. Some of us are low-key and others, IMO, self-possessed egotists. We decide how we want to promote our services. How we want to do it is an individual decision; bottom-line, it is business. This is as it should be.
 So what is the point of this post you ask?...Well,  recently I visited a high-profile, marketing guide's site. On it there were at least a dozen  "grip and grin", hero images of the guide with hefty trout, not a single image of  a client with a trout!......hmmm??...just asking.
 da Stick and Jim in the midst of a trout "flurry" at Papa's Pool

My take on a competent fly angling guide is that one has both technical and great communication/people skills...and the ability to move from one talent to the other...seamlessly. That translates into getting one's client into fish...for THEIR hero shot.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pet Peeve #3: CHEATERS

Over the years I've broken-off flies on trees and sunken branches. Occasionally the flies can be retrieved. In the process there can be unforeseen bounty; such as other flies that have been captured by the same obstruction. What never ceases to amaze me is the percentage of those flies that are BARBED; even though the regulations mandate barbless hooks.

My unscientific fly-gathering, and those of other fly fishing buddies, confirms that 50% of retrieved flies are NOT DEBARBED.
How does one say....CHEATERS!!*

* Please refer to Definition # 7 on October 12, 2010

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Truckee Area 2013 Prognosis

We were hoping for a "Miracle March" of lots of snow...hasn't happened. As of four (4) days ago the Truckee River Basin's seven (7) selected measurement sites are recording 64% of average water content of snow and 78% of total precipitation. Per my "Truckee Tips"; water content is a better indicator of the amount of run-off/melt that the area will receive. So, .64 X .78 equals the amount of water the basin will ultimately receive; in this case 49.9 % of normal water content.

So how does the above data pertain to the anticipated fly fishing this current season?
Everything will be minimally 3 weeks earlier than normal.

During the last two weeks we've been netting decent trout; Rainbows to 20" and Browns to 23". There have  been few occasions for surface activity; so most of the hook-ups occur via deep, dead-drifting San Juans...trailing smallish 16-20 sized BWO's and midges. In "da Grand Canyon of the Truckee" March Brown adults (forgetabout the adult; soft-hackles or nymphs) are around, Skwalas are fading and unbelievably dark Winter Stones are still about on the LT.

I'm getting reports of a few trout chasing and eating streamers. Now is the time to venture to the Truckee area*; anticipate "regular-opener" conditions. The run-off will cease  and we'll be experiencing "dog-days-of-summer" early as late July.

* remember!...running waters open to fishing are ONLY the Special reg sections of both the BT and LT; all others open Saturday April 27, 2013