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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tahoe-Truckee Region...Fall Journal 2019

Let'em Breathe!
I was looking for signs of early, migrating Browns...too early.

About 1330 I fished in intermittent sleet and snow....everything was damp. Regardless, for the next 1-1/2 hours I saw steadily rising, in-the-film or just below, slurping trout.

I believe the heavy rain/sleet/snow prevented any emerging aquatic bug breaking through the meniscus with the heavy pelting of sleet and wet-snow....amazing that the trout could pick-out a food item.

Worked a disperse pod at Papa's.. Unbeknownst to me, during about 15" of casting to the working feeders, I realized that I been!  a #18 BWO, foam-top-emerger fly I'd had attached to my 5X tippet must have popped-off on my back-cast because of my inattention to the high willows behind me....duh.

It was getting nasty; so I decided to make a hasty retreat from the weather. On the way-out I observed a minimum of 1/2 dozen upper-water-column feeders at both the 610 and Richard's Pool.

Snowing again! Hope it melts soon and I'll have an opportunity to get my drift-boat "off the mountain"...Where? I haven't decided yet, favoring Greg's place in Auburn, so it will be in close proximity for drifting the Yuba.

I'm guessing the Boca dam's re-enforcement work for the season is finished or on hold for completion in 2020. LT's Boca inlet is rising-up-river; inflow recently up-ramped to 132cfs (40 is historical average) with the out-flow at Boca at 92cfs (110 average)...hence rising pool of Boca.

10/1---Retrieved net in Sparks...amazed at Sparks; reminding me of developments in the East Bay once BART increased its tracks/

"...Wednesday and Friday I'll be 'dialing-in" (exact times of hatches and surface-feeding) for fall fishing."

10/3---fished the BT along Glenshire Drive for all of an hour. I'm getting to old scrambling up, over and through boulders in a freestone fish.
BT in the canyon...Water too cold.

 10/4---Well, I'm sure I will not be lucky again...lost the net again!!! I'm looking for blame and blaming it on ORVIS for not putting a center belt loop on their light-weight wader. Hence my long-handled "de-liar" net slips out and away if goes downstream. Had to buy an expense net at ACE for my guiding in Friday.

checked-out the LT inlet to access conditions today. Two fly anglers there and one hooks into a heavy fish. He didn't have his camera and I took a "grip & grin" for him before the release of a 24"-25" RB. It ate a #20 non-descript nymph under an indo, sans lead and in a shallow riffle. We're still waiting for the Browns to "stage" before going up-river.

Guided a 1/2 day on the LT today with a first-time client from Georgia. I love guiding anglers from the east-coast or southern states because they seldom catch wild trout beyond 12". He was elated that he hooked 4 and netted three wild RB's; two at 15" and one at 16". The productive flies were a #20 silver-beaded, Black Zebra Midge while  indo-fishing with two BB's and #18 copper-bead, generic BWO emerger pattern via a dry/dropper rig.

There were few rising trout and sparse adults in flight. All four aquatic orders of adults were observed; second-brood BWO's and an unknown larger mayfly, the ubiquitous midge, three different sized  caddis. the largest one is what I call the "False Fall Caddis" or Cinnamon  Caddis...people mistake for the real October Caddis (Discomeous), which in my opinion is larger and has a darker colored wing. The last bug viewed was the Olive Stonefly. Interestingly, JR  stomach-pumped a brown trout that had numerous little dark stonefly nymphs.

10/7--I've actually refused 4 days of guiding for this week and the next. Guess I'm getting a bit burnt-out PLUS I'm not receptive to guiding on a short-notice basis especially new clients...not to my liking; exception being long-term clients.

  "…generally if no surface, showing fish; indo with 4’ drop to #4 lead, worm trialing #18-20 midge pattern (silver-bead Zebra Midge) or generic small fly. If showing fish “bulging” at or near the surface; a visible dry indicator fly, trailing by 18”-24” a midge pupa an/or larva or JuJu Baetis…Fish the first riffle entering the lake, the vertex of the two converging currents OR the 'slick' water.


"Your advice worked wonderfully! I used a worm on top and one of those midges on the bottom fly with 5X tippet close to 18” behind. I had an indicator on and a bit of lead and caught a fish on my first cast!  Bam indicator down and I’m like what the heck set the hook and game on. Then I removed the lead when I moved to the faster water near that riffle where the LT feeds into the lake. I hooked three fish there on the midge. First two came unbuttoned but the last one I kept a lot of pressure on and landed a nice 14” rainbow. It fought like crazy. I kept him wet and he survived but I managed to get a quick photo of him. Thanks again!"  

10/16--Unbelievable Sam found my net where I thought I lost it. I'll pick-up at TU office in town. Promised Sam some flies or fishing time as the reward per note on my net handle

10/17--my PP for the club went well, bigger attendance the I anticipated...No one fell asleep and It went about 35"-40". Larry sent me an e-note (he's was in Mexico) and he said "...sounds like you hit it out of the park"...Well, I was confident that I would...da Dean speaking

10/19--too windy to fish...Boca inlet filling. There was a nice  cloud-cover, what I've been looking for, but not the gusts o f wind!... especially when I'm targeting surface-slurpers. Was not in a mood for sling heavy stuff.

Worked dimpling trout at LT inlet for an hour; not a touch, down to 22's and long, wispy 6X leaders...Then Dutch and I did lower meadow; nothing...Sure a nice Fall day...lots of psuedo's, Little Olive Stones and a lone October Caddis...gentle breezes as opposed to the inlet

Fall-time PsuedoCleons on both the LT and BT
"Pat---Nice seeing you...As I mentioned I'll not be at Pleasanton this year.

My booth, "Truckee Guide NetWork", will be occupied with people I work with fly fishing-wise with in Truckee...So I'll miss seeing Fanny in 2020; Remember when I gave a presentation to GWWF at the Fanny's house in the mid-90's?...When Mel was in the "dog-house".

Via a family friend, for his birthday, I got Stefan his first, three fly fishing books when he was in high school. He now lives in Reno.

GGWF has always been dear to my heart...I remember the unbelievable buffet/fundraisers they had at Fort Mason...the food was unbelievable. I was there when you ladies started as well when the International Women Fly Fishers was started at a dinner at the Yet Wah (sp?) restaurant on Clement Street. I gave a talk at the IWF's 10th anniversary at Squaw Valley (2005 or 6?).

Have any GWFF contact me anytime for an update on the ffing conditions..."

Had fun guiding/instructing for the TU fundraiser on the SFFCC...numerous fat trout caught by the 8 who each contributed $1500..$12000 for the trout! 

Grape-vine report of a 29" Brown...

Saw an image of a minimum 24" RB netted on the LT ..a very rare RB.

11/5--- Been fishing with Al and Dom in the afternoons on the LT. Tough fishing, no numbers and tiny 20-22 JuJu Baetis & Black Zebras. Bugs at surface & lots of sippers; dark-side has produced Dom has landing  a couple of 18” RB’s…Yesterday he did 7/3 (one break-off) during the 3 hour 2-5PM session. Al hooked-up 2-3 times, lost them after extended battles…he has to develop his skills on fighting the fish. He got a 16”-17” RB on the BT earlier in the day. 

11/12--Haven't been on the water is several days...diverted by football and politics.
Small Creeks...past their prime

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Sage Words from the Icons #18

Fishing a side-channel

...noticed this quote on FaceBook recently:

"Fishing has a dignity, a simplicity, a ruggedness and honesty...little dreamed about in this materialistic world"


Solid hook-up...tiny the nib

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Truckee Angling, Last Century Throwback PART # 3

Let'em Breathe! 

Circa mid-80's Thy Rod & Staff's 8-panel brochure 
Inside Panel #3: 


If fortunate, the autumn angler experiences a glorious Indian Summer with only an occasional, 
shot-lived thundershower. Crowds are gone, nights become brisk, and the aspens and alders turn golden. It is a special time of year. Stealth become a prime tactic.
Fall...Crowds are gone
Solitude is the rule at Milton. If action is slow. one  can vacate the belly-boat and start prospecting for fall spawners leaving the lake and ascending the short stretch of the Yuba River's Middle  Fork. The same regulations apply.

In October, the Truckee basin lakes will produce the largest trout of the season. The migrating 
6-10 pound Browns are encountered in Stampede, Boca, and Prosser impoundments. Fly-rodders are starting to get their share.
JR with an inlet Brown
Ex-Truckeeite Stan McCleod with fall-time Truckee River RainBow 

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Native Sons Tour of Truckee & Little Truckee

Currently there is space available for the Native Sons Tour scheduled for September 20-21.  If you can't attend this tour get on the e-list and we'll send you future schedule tours. 2020 will be our 6th year conducting this unique angling event and the quality of the experience is spreading throughout the fly fishing community.

Friday night's "meet & greet" snacks prior to PowerPoint talk 
The Big Truckee's "Willow Run"
JB Hooked-Up at the Little Truckee's  "Sweeper #1"
2019 had Green Drakes present in Truckee area for 9 weeks! 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

E-Quicky #22...mid-July-late August

...Or, a selective, 5-week peek into the e-life of CyberFly

7/16---Inquiry on Angling Conditions:

The BT in the Glenshire stretch has been fishing well via dry dropper rigs in the pocket water. Bring your thermometer because the water is warming...I leave the water at 67 degrees. 
The PMD hatch on the LT has been really good for surface feeding trout...progressively getting fickle because of the crowds; most especially the upper area. The flows are currently at 126 cfs; decent. 

7/18---An e-note on the passing of a longtime local fly angler, John Lim:

Thanks for the update on John...we'll all miss him. He was a fixture at the LT inlet at Boca. If you wanted to know what was happening there; he was the man. I'm planning on attending his "celebration" in Auburn.

7/18---An inquiry about a recent blog post:

…stillwaters other than Boca; too crowded now with the summer crowds. I’m talking Inlets into Prosser and Stampede; best accessibility is via boats.

For sure, I can provide info as needed.

7/20---A request for angling info:

...didn't do the BT on Friday; doing an early start on the LT...recently bumped-up to a nice 140cfs. At 8 AM there were 10 vehicles in the upper parking area!...walking all the way down to the Swimming Hole for the first open run. The first PMD was observed at 9:15 and the first Green Drake in flight at 11:45.

Overall two anglers during a 6 hour session hooked 12 and landed 7; RainBows 12"-14" and two taped at 18". Productive patterns on top were #8 GD Cripple and #16 PMD Spot-Lite Emerger... indo-fishing with one or two #4 lead; a #18 Pearl Lighting Bug or a Red Rubber-Legged Copper John trailing a #14 Flesh Juan.

7/20-22---TTFF's Cliff Frazier Memorial Youth Event: "free-lancing" for two days...lot harder catching than last year...didn't make last of the three days; was a "honey-dew" time for Karen and our new pup...Pico 

7/24---Guide e-Talk:

“I’m guiding on the LT with two Monday; meeting them at 10 AM at upper parking lot…working middle or lower section if crowded.

7//31Inquiry on Conditions:

"…PMD emerger patterns are fooling the trout, even though occasionally we’ll induce a grab via #8 Green Drake Cripples…in the fast water. Carry an indo-rig for the deeper water; a PT trailing a midge pattern.  Crowds are an issue on the LT, most especially when the presence of Green Drakes in the region are mentioned via high-profile posts on FB or Instagram …Come-on guys, don’t kill the golden egg with self-serving posts!!!”

8/2---Inquiry on conditions:

"....guided on LT Monday & Wednesday, upper parking area. Both times from 1:00-4PM when the bugs are emerging and there are a few rising trout. Seems people going in the AM and leaving noon-1PM…before the hatches begin. Fish to 18” netted; mostly small 13-14 inchers. Have hooked a couple of 17”+ browns but no “to net”.

The flows are above normal. I can’t say if the existing flows are affecting the hatches. Admittedly, the hatches have been sparse, although there has been some intense emergences during the last three weeks.

The LT is really becoming too crowded.”

8/7---Inquiry on conditions:

"The BT is getting warmer and has been bumped-up to 325cfs. . I received a report of 65 degrees at 11AM!! along the Glenshire stretch….pick pockets and look for the seepage springs entering the river, flowing in at 52-54 degrees. It is now “Hoot Owl” time. So, fish below Prosser inflow now…lots of caddis at dusk”

Unbelievably Green Drakes are still emerging on the LT; masking the PMD’s that are the preferred fodder.…noticing some BWO’s, although not Flavs yet. Flows were recently dropped to 94cfs.Unfortunately, the trout are being hammered by crowds of experienced and novice anglers alike. Consequently,  trout are becoming extremely difficult to fool. Best bet has been dry/droppering in the riffles. It befuddles me why guides are taking their clients there, since trout are easier to dupe on the BT.”

8/10---Personal note to Self:

"da Consigliere informs me he saw a lone Green Drake on the LT today...WOW, 6 weeks now, after 3 weeks on the BT...PMD's are fading. Now anticipate the late-brood BWO, appearance of the Flavs, the Little Olive StoneFlies and Watery Green Sedges. Don't forget GrassHoppers as the indicator dry when fishing the riffles, deeper slots and the hydraulic cushion in front of  obstructions. 

8/19---Unsolicited Kind Words:

“got a nice rainbow…I remember Frank telling me let the fly drift down from the shallow riffles into the deeper water. That worked. It’s super fantastic to be able to put everything together on my own, using your training, and make it work.  :-)”

8/21---e-Brainstorming a New Print Advertisement:

LIZ …"1/2 day barter for an ad is you have a subject that you would like to explore? Was just looking at some of our ads recently and laughin!”

ME: “Well….how about me running for president, as a 3rd party candidate as ‘the other chosen one’…a military drill instructor...the Frankie Hendrick’s Experience…Uncle Sam demanding you vote."

 8/27--- Question about the LT:

Yes, it seems your observation is correct on the LT. Similar to the past more small fish (6"-12") this time of year...also browns are appearing in the mix.

My only guess is that the large trout, 16 inches plus, have been /harassed/hammered/hooked several times that they are more educated and have become very selective...allowing the small fish to come-out of hiding to play and eat without being intimidated by their bigger brethren.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sage Words from the Icons #17

Let'em Breathe!
"Most fishermen use the double-haul to throw their casting mistakes further"


Friday, August 9, 2019

Massive ButterFly Hatch in Tahoe!

There has been thick flights of TortiseShell butterflies in the Truckee & Tahoe area....the most I've personally witnessed  since building my first home in Truckee in 1979. I'm not seeing them along the streams or lakes not a fly angling pattern to imitate...thus far.

California TortiseShell Butterfly
Nymphalis Californica 

Here is an article from the SF Gate:

Massive butterfly swarms becoming the talk of Tahoe

There aren't enough to block out the sun, but social media posts out of the Lake Tahoe area show enough swarming butterflies to get just about anyone who encounters them to pull over and start taking pictures.

While some think the butterflies are migrating monarchs — which have been declining at an alarming rate in California — the Reno Gazette-Journal identifies them as California tortoiseshell butterflies that are visiting the Sierra in search of the remnant of our winter snow pack.
The butterflies are known to frequent beaches and puddles in search of salt from the soil, according to the newspaper.
The bugs can be identified by their orange and red wings, and social media posts show them swarming in a few locations around the region".