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Friday, December 1, 2017

2017-18 Snow Fall

Last year's snow-fall was record-setting and unbelievable...Curious what the 2017-18 will bring. Personally, I'd prefer an "above normal" year of precipitation/snowfall; for my sanity, in the hope of avoiding a severe case of "shack-nasties" (coined by da Yoda of the Yuba; Ralph Wood)...we mountain-folk are susceptible to such afflictions.
2016-17 snow-pack on north-side of my home at 6500'...early spring

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Received a new, bionic hip last Tuesday; November 9th.
Today is my 7th day of in-house re-hab. I get the staples taken-out this Thursday. I have six (6) specific, physical therapy exercises; three times 3 per day/15 repetitions. I, slowly, walk... sometimes zip around at warp-speed.. around the house in a walker or cane.

I over-did it yesterday; remaining on my feet for extensive amounts of time. STAY OFF YOUR FEET!! Thus far no serious pain, hence no narcotics. Everyone seems pleased with my progress...especially my personal Florence Nightengale...Karen...can't get it any better! 

Thus far I'm very pleased with my progress.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sage Words from the Icons #12

"Never display knowledge...share it"


Doc Robie and son....The "shareable world"...especially with the next generation

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Prepping for Winter

Don't want to think about it...but we have to prepare for winter. I'm almost finished hand-splitting the tree we felled this spring. Then I'll put the tarp over it.
Friday, October 20's snowfall

I also have to put "outdoor stuff" under cover. Looking forward to a few days of sunshine.   OR over-cast skies, ideal for targeting surface-feeders eating the numerous emerging bugs.

Not a bad "either or"
 "HawkEye" hooked-up

Friday, September 22, 2017

Tell Me It Ain't So...

...Snow in Truckee! The reality is I've been snowed-on in Truckee as late as June 8 and early as September 12.
9 AM...Our Deck at 6500' elevation*
It is only, officially, the first day of Fall. We locals want a sun-drenched, High Sierra, Indian Summer. We'll take an average or above snowfall this Fall/Winter of  '17-'18...not the locally-named Snowamegdon we experienced last winter of '16-'17. Last winter was a godsend for the flora and fauna; especially our beloved wild trout.

*In the interests of TruthFull Blogging (non FakeNews); the image was taken by my wife Karen...I'm currently in Wolf Creek Montana fishing the Missouri River...and coincidentally,
WE GOT SNOWED ON! while on the river today.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Let'em Breathe!
"...I do not venture near the water during the Labor Day weekend; simply too crowded, most especially the LT.

On BT we've been using 'hopper/dropper" rigs in the pocket-water using short casts. We're fishing  early in the day because water temperatures are an issue, then leaving for the LT.  There a lots of hoppers; hope for a "hopper-wind" for them to haphazardly land in the water. Splat them down along the banks and give a couple of twitches

Flows on the LT were recently ramped-up to 179 cfs; a nice flow IMO. The six-week PMD hatch has faded; although there are still a few emerging along with other  mayflies and a few caddis ( size 10!). If you see  a consistent riser, target it, but they are really selective. Alternately, use a dry dropper rig in the riffles and deeper slots. Use an indo-rig in the deeper pools. No numbers but really healthy trout netted. Best fish during the PMD hatch was a taped 21" Brown that ate a #16 PMD emerger and two Rainbows taped at 20"; one ate a dryfly #12 "Flav"  (Little Western Green Drake) and the other a # 14 Zub-Bug on a dry/dropper set-up."

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Suddenly..."Dog-Day" Conditions?

...well, sort of

Let'em  Breathe!
For whatever reasons the Federal Water Master had tamped-down the spigot into the Truckee River at Tahoe City starting August 5th from 250cfs to 70cfs! With all the water received this record winter of 2016-'17; I'd predicted great flows on the BT August through September...eliminating the "Dog Days of Summer". This unanticipated ramp-down lasted for a several days.  Now the flows out of Tahoe City are at 230 cfs...BUT...34% below the historical 350 cfs.. I have no idea what the Feds are thinking.

The current "up-side" is that flows along Glenshire Drive through Farad in the "Grand Canyon of the Truckee" are above historical average flows. This fact mitigates the severe ramp-down from Tahoe City earlier in the month.

As for the BT water temps can still be an issue. I'm suggesting once you get a water temp of 66 think about leaving the water relative to potential stressing of the trout. HINT: 1) Do remember there will be a couple of degrees differential below each reservoir inflow (Prosser & Boca) and 2) Look for the cooler water emanating from the spring seepages; trout will congregate below them.
in the "Upper Canyon"
We've been fishing in the AM's and at dusk. Early in the day we're probing pocket water with dry/dropper rigs; for smallish RainBows and Browns. In the deeper runs and heads of pool spill-ins  use indo-rigs or tight-lining. First-hand-wise or guided angling-wise there have been no bragging-size trout.

As usual generic patterns early on and later , as the sun sets, you may need to get more specific relative to rising fish you may see...remembering "Size Matters" and shape and color...if possible, secondary. You'll see numerous bugs in-flight; caddis, stoneflies and mayflies; ranging in size #14-#18. The underutilized  bug imitation, wet or dry, is the Saddle-Case caddis
(Glossosoma) is present but unnoticed...

As for the LT, water temps are not an issue; being a tailwater. Nice flows at 120 cfs. PMD hatch has faded after a progressively, later-in-the-day, prime-time emergence period.
Casting to Surface Feeders during the PMD Hatch

Now we're observing a scattering of mayflies and caddis during the day. Best times seems to be in the early AM's and PM's. The Little Western Green Drake (Flavelina) is present in the late afternoon. Matter of fact a 20" RainBow was fooled by a #12 traditional, "Catskill" Flav tye last Friday. During the six-week PMD  emergence RB's to 19" and a hefty-lady 21" Brown ate emergers at the surface.