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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The lack of etiquette exhibited by fly anglers always amazes me (not to mention ruin my fishing!). Last night's example was a classic example of the lack of BASIC manners; a downstream working fly angler not getting out of the water a sufficient distance away from an upstream fishing angler (me) and then getting below and continuing on. In this case, the fella comes around a bush into my in 25'-30'!

I've come to the realization that 90% of the lapses in basic etiquette is that anglers are simply not aware of their poor stream-side is not malicious. They simply have not been informed/educated by fishing friends, fly shops, schools or guides. The real jerks are the 10% who KNOW they are violating etiquette; they simply want to beat another to a spot or area. For the uninformed, it is an opportunity to educate, for "gamers" has to decide how to interact.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

E-Quickie Report #13

Well, I officially declare it is Summertime!...even though it chronologically doesn't start until June 21.
5/31--- "...Going fishing right now…no consistent rise activity yet. Bugs are starting to emerge. LT being lowered…thus far indi-fishing is the most productive…but can change quickly….Everyone on the Green Drake watch now".

6/2---“…been busy guiding/instructing…openings for some personal “scout-fishing”…in three short sessions totaling about six hours  I’ve hooked 8 and netted 4; 13”-19” RB’s…the 19” ate a #20 RLPT Copper John trailing #16 PMD Cripple. The latter fooled the 13” RB…3 of the 4 lost were 20"-plus, indo-deep nymphing and they were all lost…a couple with spectacular leaps…lots of lead…Flesh Juan and #18 JUJU nymph...” 
 6/3---“…on the Green Drake watch at dusk…didn’t see any.
A few caddis in two different sizes  (18 & 14), Little Yellow Stones and a tiny crème-colored mayfly dun…no rising fish…"

6/6---"Well, it was better about 10 days ago before we got this warming trend. Nevertheless trout are being stuck…no numbers.  Largest fish…a couple of 18”-19” RB’s…no big browns…to 14”. Still no consistent rises to bugs and we’re still looking for the Green Drake (…can be here any day). Caddis are starting, PMD’s, Little Yellow Stones, Crane flies, fading BWO’s and few midges.  Mosquitos have become an issue in the LT bad a fishing buddy had to leave they were so ferocious..."
You may hit it right. BT water is warming; got a 63 between Prosser and Boca yesterday. The BT will be very warm soon. Thunder right now...and rain (4PM…Thursday)

6/7--- "…64 degrees along Glenshire at 3 PM…indicator nymphing  with 3-4 BB…#12 Prince and #16 BHFBPT proved effective today…still few bugs in flight...Occasionally we're moving a trout to the surface; searching with a #10 Black Ant or a #14 Olive Elk Hair Caddis. We're now into a summer mode and I may be guiding "split-days" to optimize best opportunities for clients”.
NOTE: I've reviewed my past E-Quickie Reports...I now have  the # sequence correct.