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Monday, September 6, 2010

North Fork Yuba II

This North Fork Yuba scene is another 4-6 weeks computer enhancement.

Fall is a wonderful time to visit the NFY. The weather is really pleasant; it is shirt-sleeve or light-fleece time...carry a packable wind/rain shell though. The water is low and absolute cystalline. It is no-hurry-up fly fishing; late mornings to late afternoon. "Prospecting"* with dry flies will produce feisty rainbows that aggressively inhale your #14-16 generic patterns.

During late-October evenings you'll witness flights of October a huge dry/small nymph dropper tandem is always a good ploy, even during the day. Best to look for shaded areas, aside rock-outcroppings and under stream-side vegetation if you do the daytime angling with the aforementioned rig.

*Speaking of "prospecting".....placer gold-mining is now officially illegal on the NFY. As anglers we no longer have to be vigilant about stepping into deceptively deeeeeep dredging holes. Another up-side is not rolling an ankle-leg-bone-busting-boulder; having become unstable from suctioning-out its underpinnings. Also the dredging equipment, floating sluice boxes and 8" flexible suction hoses will not be anchored on the water. But, still be conscious of tripping over cables and lines strewn about the defunct mining claims....sometimes hidden amongst the stream vegatation & rocks.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Maybe I'll take a day on my October trip.

  2. Johnny da Jewelwer--Let me know what time-frame you're here, I may join you I can then note the dates.

    Also, as you have noticed, I haven't posted your fabulous angling jewlery yet....been busy.

  3. Frank-
    A clarification;miners can still work their claims but they can no longer use suction dredges.Sluicing and panning are still allowed on patented mining claims.

    Once again very nice photo's!Love my back yard!!

  4. Jay---Thanks for the clarifications/nuance...
    appreciated. I was going to preface my comment with "I believe" or "as I understand", but decided not to do such.

    Speaking of your back yard (second time you have mentioned such), as you well know, I am permitted by the USFS to operate on the NFY down to Ladies Canyon Creek. Similarly, you operate in my back yard in Truckee; via Brian Slusser's USFS permit.

    I left a message on Brian's phone today indicating that I received his referral yesterday(Friday 9/10). The message left informed him that I contacted the referred individual who informed me, to my chagrin, you booked the referral. I could have used the trade. You've mentioned on your blog what a good season you've had; I'm hoping it has not been at my expense.

    Brain and I will be discussing how the Truckee Guide Network works. IMO, first referral goes to those in the TGN...first...not simultantiously to people who are not in the TGN. I'm confident we'll work something out so that we're on the same page and have the same understanding how the TGN works.