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Monday, March 26, 2018


Put'em Back Alive!
We'll take it...The water forecast for this coming trout season has improved substantially since March 7. Then we figured the melt into our trout-sustaining waters to be 43.7% of historical average. Now 20 days late,r we're at a projected 75.4% of normal snow-melt/runoff. Mother Nature has made a nice recovery in the Truckee area from an initial sub-par precipitation year. 

da Captain and da Entertainer discussing tactics for the high flows of springtime

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

After Blizzard Briefing

...guess I'm due for a post...been awhile.  I became focused on my re-hab on my new bionic hip and the Fly Fishing Show last week in Pleasanton CA. Now, "doing taxes", later in the month going to Virginia seeing close friends then looking forward to a mid-April trip to th BigHorn River in Montana....praying for decent weather, lots of BWO's and rising trout.

Yeah, we still need snow and hope for a Miracle March
...front door during our recent 3-day snow-event...actually a color image
To date, via the nine (9) measurement sites in the Truckee area at elevations of 6436' to 8801'... we're at 59% of the historical, median snow-water-equivalent and 72% of total precipitation.  Personally my focus is: How much water for the melt and run-off?...for the fish. Here's how I look at it; .59 x 76= 43.5% of projected water...Geez, we're hoping a  MINIMAL 50%!

Always some nice scenery in the mountains during and after the storms...from within a warm home and outside...
...back deck looking into the forest and  & "Donner Trail" to the Alder Creek camp-sight
One of our "north windows" during the storm

Again; there is a need for a Miracle March...NOT March Miracle!