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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Watching the Truckee River's Flows

Ideally, a smooth melt; as opposed to an erratic preferred during this early-spring on Truckee area waters.

Pre-melt angling HAD been picking-up...until the rising waters that have occurred starting the 1st week of April...It has been changing day to day. With the receding snow; access is readily available.

There are two phenomena I observe this time of year; water flow and water  temperature. Right now, of the two, water temps are of lesser concern. Tactically, with high-volume, early-melt flows...simply, look for the proverbial "soft-water". Something to think about...the "precise holding water changes with the tempo of the snow-melt and rise and fall of the flows" (quote...Dean da Raven).
Along the Glenshire sector at 1800cfs
Lots of water to share...right now

Thursday, April 4, 2019


Recently Jon Baiocchi wrote an extensive article in California Fly Fisher magazine about Skwala stoneflies.

I saw the below, succinct fishing report about Skawala angling on Montana's Bitterroot river from an old acquaintance from my Hat Creek days in the '70's, Chuck Stranahan . Chuck owned Hat Creek Anglers and moved to Hamilton Montana in the early 80's (?).

I though I'd re-post here because it is very timely advice right the Truckee area.

"Dry fly skwala action continues on the Bitterroot - in spurts, but it's great if you catch it right. You have to be out there casting. Early afternoon, when water and air temps are best, produce the best dry fly fishing. Nymphs, from #8 skwalas to small food-form nymphs, soft hackles, and (ugh!) pink San Juan Worms work best when fish are not on top.Sunny days are slow on top, overcast days are best. Fish are robust and in great shape."