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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year To All

view from front door
Both Karen and I wish everyone a great start for 2016. We'll be with friends early in the evening and then back home before the New Year. It is absolutely beautiful in the mountains. We had a fabulous White Christmas and look forward to lots more snow and good health into the coming year.

the back-deck
So far the snow-talisman has been forth-giving. Currently the entire (130 survey stations) Sierra's snow-pack is at 141% of normal. But I'm hoping for lots more snow and I personally would like to see a minimum of 150% of normal for both snow-pack and water-content into April. Then we may catchup for the last 4 years. The current water-content is at 136% of normal for the Sierra Nevada.  The latter being more important than snow-pack. So bring-it-on!
...a potential "widow-maker"

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sage Words from the Icons #3

Topic: The Cone of Vision

"...The diameter of the window is 2.26 times the depth of the fish. Thus when the fish is 2 feet below the surface, the diameter of its window is 4 feet 6 inches; when the fish moves up to 6 inches below the surface, the diameter of the window is reduced to 13 1/2 inches".
...from Gary Borger's PRESENTATION
My Take: Less of a factoid; a simple Frankism is: "The lower in the water-column; the larger and wider the trout's "window"...and, visa-versa (sp?)

ANOTHER NOTE: The snow is here (keep it coming!) and the tress are lit.