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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Road Kill

If you spend anytime on the mountain highways and small roads you will undoubtedly see a lot of road kill. Most road-kill is ubiquitous; deer, coyote, raccoon & numerous small varmints such as squirrels & chipmunks. The rarer sightings are of bear and porcupine; the latter seen last Wednesday. I've never seen a mountain lion or bobcat splattered and smeared on the asphalt.

Early in my fly fishing addiction I'd carry a "road-kill kit" entailing a very sharp blade, desiccate powder and plastic bags. There was a point in time when my freezer section had an abundance of bird carcasses, deer and varmint sections...mostly tails.

Eventually, I quit. Mostly because I never really did of lot of fly tying having worked lot with my hands at the family craft business at San Francisco's Telegraph Hill I didn't need the catharsis.

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