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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quickie E-Fishing Report #2

"I'm suggesting the Truckee from as early as 9AM to 4PM...dry-dropper & indicator nymphing; pocket-water & pools/deep-runs respectively. Water temps are not an issue so it can be productive all day. I've been "working" the stretch between Prosser & Boca; nice managable wading flows. If your swinging you're Spey...the "canyon" has bigger water at about 450 cfs. You'll see some adult BWO's and I believe a Mahoney Dun. If you stay until dusk, you should see some October Caddis (unverified...grapevine intel).
As for the Little Truckee; the best times for rising trout is from 11AM-3PM. The most productive patterns have been small-sized 18-24; BWO emergers & spinners. The exception can be a Beetle or Ant pattern in size 10-14...if you get frustrated with the selective risers. The water flow is low at about 45cfs. All four (4) orders of aquatic bugs are present as adults; mayflies (minimally two sizes), stoneflies (16-20), caddis (three sizes...two October Caddis observed!!) and of course midges ...down to size 72."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Defintion #7 CHEATING


The act of fly anglers who consciously do not de-barb their hooks while fly fishing on special regulation waters that require barbless hooks...because they want that little edge.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Definition #6---TIMING


The perfect alignment of weather, a profuse aquatic bug emergence and steady, rhythmic surface-feeding trout. Essentially a trout fly-angler's Nirvana

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"...want a champagne shower?" Truckee FFing Update


This is the response from Tim "da Freak" Lincecum; pitcher for the San Francisco Giants; consecutive, two-time...2008 & 09 seasons...Cy Young award winner of the National League. The Giants just won the Western Division of the National League. I'm thinking that this response will be forever immortalized in the world of televised Major League BaseBall history!

This post is dedicated to three of my favorite people... da Dom, Swill de Beers and finally "Gonzo" McKurtis (who graciously invited me to fish with him today...but I declined having to see the SF Giants & 49er games on TV). The first two I know are SF Giants die-hards.


Per the previous report..the BT is producing fish via two methods; indicator nymphing, 2-3 #6 shot, big & small tandem of # 20 Rubber-Legged, Copper John and #16 PTFBPT under an indicator or hopper/dropper using the aforementioned # 20 trailer; having been what my clients are using...small trout so far. Water still low in mid-section and temps are just fine. If you venture into the "canyon", think October Caddis PUPAE patterns , swinging such patterns in the tail-outs...advice, up-tick your tippet size.

The LT...crowded; even at mid-week! Dam to TU's '09 national TV feature in its "On The Rise" series and Andy's article in the 2005 spring issue of NorthWest Fly Fishing. Now, if someone offers me a in US $1000.00... MAYBE I'll consider publishing my 3600-word version of the LT in a national magazine (go to my homepage & click-on Little is there)...IMO best ever written on the subject. Yes, I can be a writing-whore.

The "Meadow" area remains unpredictable, super-low in cfs; not knowing when you''ll see "heads"...if so inclined. Ron Soskowski of Coronado CA finally seduced a 17-1/2" RB on a #22 Harrop CDC Captive BWO Dun...after we changed flies about 3-4 times to a pod of 4-5 steadily sipping 17"-22" trout. So, if looking for "technical" fly fishing head for the Meadow. I'm suggesting 11 AM-3:30 PM as PrimeTime for "head-hunting".

HINT: Otherwise, check-out inlet flows into lakes or rivers...enough said.

We're experiencing overcast skies, both drizzle & heavy downpours, thunder & lighting for the next 6 days...bring rain-gear. The fall fishing is shaping-up to be epic.