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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wishing a Healthy & Prosperous 2014 HAS been awhile. I want everyone to know; I'm still breathing. Been an extremely busy 3+ months; half the time we've been away from Truckee, starting with our visit to the NorthWest in September (see I'm Still Alive #2, 9/23/13). My guiding season was shortened (late-October) because of all the traveling. Actually the last day I personally fly fished (first week of November) I did a "20/20"...a 20-1/2" Brown on a #20 Olive, WD-40 Flash-Back.

Well I did get a new camera and have tons of images; most non-fly fishing but mostly related to our mid-November to early December trip (11/13-12/5) to the east-coast, from central-Virginian on the Rappahannock River (eating home-grown oysters!) to Hanover, New Hampshire (had Thanksgiving there with extended family). Upon arrival back to Truckee we had our interior painted and added new carpeting. Then to Old GreenWood (12/9-12/20) where we partied a lot (6 different events with six different affinity groups)...finnishing with Karen's family in Auburn to 12/ we're finally settled-in our "new home" interior (had the exterior stained in September).

Maybe I'll post some images before the end of the year...maybe.

 In the interim...the trout need snow!!