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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Like Thunder & Lightening...

Both this last Saturday & Sunday we experienced late afternoon, booming thunder, faint lightening bolts & drizzle. This climatic change was welcomed since we have had an extended period of hot weather & cloudless skies.

If this weather pattern continues it bodes well for the fly angler to adjust their tactical thinking. Specifically, there may be 1) cooler flows because of more cloud-cover 2) more extended periods of bug emergences instead of those of short duration and 3) less wary trout because less bright sunshine will encourage longer stays in feeding lies; in lieu of protective holds and cover. Hence, more chance at opportuntinistic drift feeders.


  1. Frank,

    I was on the Little Truckee around 5 yesterday when the lightning fun began. Fish were rising to emergers consistently, and before I had to "hunker down" while the lightning struck all around me, i took three on BWO emergers fished behind a small stimulator. As I sat there unable to fish for safety reasons, the fish continued to eat right in front of me. Frustrating...and a little scary.

  2. Brian--- --Some of the best PMD fishing I've had on the LT has been during thunderstorms, drizzle & dark skies. You were lucky & hit it right. It does occur with BWO's also.

    What size & pattern was your BWO emerger?

    Recently I posted my "long" version on the LT on my site ("Little Truckee" click-on). The "short" one appeared in the Summer issue of Sierra Fisherman magazine ( Check it out.


  3. Frank, Can't remember the pattern is in my truck. I will snap a shot and send it over. Probably a size 20 though...olive in color...Ryan

  4. Frank, I emailed you a photo of the fly i used.