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Friday, June 8, 2018

Anting, Worming and Turding...

HINT: For eons, this time of year we fish the inlet streams into local stillwaters. For you creek junkies explore small creeks remembering that they have a 7-10 day window of prime angling conditions...your choice at a "Hat Trick" of Brookies, RainBows and Browns...a 12 incher being a trophy."                            (May 17 2018 blog post)

Both surface and sub-surface feeding trout found in the deep pools...
Maybe another week for prime conditions on the  inlet streams and creeks. Water temperatures start in the high 40’s to 54 degrees by mid-day. Waters are clear and the melt is almost complete. There are a lot of aquatics flitting about BUT the Winged Black Carpenter Ant about and the fish are keyed to them…aggressively slashing at the surface. Early-season  patterns such as  San Juan Worms and "Turds" (Pat’s RubberLegs) produce in the deeper runs and pools.
fast riffles..
A” record”12-inch Brookie, relative to my decades of experience in the Truckee area, was netted/taped after eating a small dry in one of the local brooks.
...and deep runs
The BT ‘s flows are receding nicely with water temperatures nearing ideal 55+degrees.
Currently we’re on the Green Drake Watch; we’re also awaiting the Golden StoneFly adults.