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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Need Snow...a follow-up

The below excerpt from the Sacramento Bee was sent to me from g-rob...Thank you Rich!

“The National Weather Service noted on its website today that since 1878 in Sacramento there have been 25 months of February with an inch or less of rain.

The following March in 23 of those 25 cases was wetter than usual. The average March precipitation following the dry months of February was 2.54 inches, forecasters stated.

The biggest recent turn around from dry February to drenched March occurred in 1995. That year, Sacramento received only .19 of an inch of rain in February – followed by 7.84 inches of rain in March.”

- The Sacramento Bee

Sunday, February 19, 2012



If the Truckee area gets lots of snow next month (March)...What is this phenomenon called? 

This is an easy one.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show

I'll be at the Pleasanton FFing Show, week-end. I'll be in the Truckee Guide NetWork booth, E-10. Also, I'll give presentations entitled "Tahoe-Truckee Fly Fishing Opportunities" on Saturday & Sunday. Come by the booth and say hello.

For me this is party...seeing lots of friends.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Graph...We Need Snow!

Need I say more!

Here is the headline in today's local paper, the Sierra Sun:

'We're way below average'
Snow surveyors: Second driest year in more the six decades

selected excerpts:

"...15.6 inches of snow at Phillips Station near the entrance of Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski Resort...snow contained the equivalent of 3.8 inches of water, just 19 percent of the long-term average for snow at the survey site...measurements make 2012 the second driest year for the site since the Department of Water Resources began  keeping records in 1946. Last year at this time...28.4 inches of water in the snowpack at Phillip Station, more that seven times what was on the ground this week.

This winter season has been similar to 1958, but not as bad as 1963...Snow survey sites within the Lake Tahoe Basin fared slightly better than the Echo Summit site...with measurement sites running between 26 and 48 percent of the of their long-term averages...There is little hope of change through the end of February...

...We have good reservoir storage thanks to wet conditions last year... Mark Cowen, Director of the Water Resources..."