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Saturday, October 31, 2015

CyberFly is Alive! #5...After a Five Month Hiatius

Well it has been a awhile since my last post...five (5) months to be exact! I'm alive, in good health and anticipating a big winter here in Truckee with plenty of snow...the forest and trout need it. Enumerable events and experiences have occurred since my last post on May 29th. My intention is to follow-up soon with numerous posts in quick succession (maybe).

Some catch-up:

#1---I'm no longer president of the Tahoe-Truckee FlyFishers (; having served in that capacity for two years, 2014-15. Personally, and by consensus of TTFF's Board of Directors/members ( they say), I've done a fabulous job after being drafted the second time in my life (see image below for the first time). I (we) continued and expanded upon what John Marcacci instilled in his previous presidential stint during 2012-13. I'm proud of my tenure leading the only...very active...exclusive fly fishing group in the Tahoe area; this side of the California border. The future bodes well because the new president, Dick Gander and the new Board of Directors, will continue and refine what has been established.

If one is serious about fly fishing  the Truckee area, join the group, because there is a lot of talent and loooong, local fly angling experience amongst members; of which they are willing to share.

#2---As of the Summer 2015 issue of Sierra Fisherman, I'm no longer an active author and Editor-at-Large. I've enjoyed my six years involvement since the magazine's inception with the Spring 2009 issue. I'd like to thank SFM's publisher, Bob Leonard for the opportunity to work with him and share thoughts and my has been fun!

Both have kept me very busy writing and energy-wise; leaving just enough time to accommodate long-time clients only. The existing drought provided limited fly angling options; most especially for those new to fly fishing or anglers unfamiliar with the area. Additionally, I concentrated on scheduled Native Sons Tours and the Reel School of Fly Fishing's skills clinics ( web-site should be operable by the February 26-28, 2016 Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show). There, I'll be presenting in the Destination Theater and will be in the Truckee Guide NetWork booth (...the original "guide network")

Stay tuned...for timely, honest and reliable musings about fly fishing in general and more specifically as it pertains to the Tahoe-Truckee fly angling scene.

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