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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spring Fly Fishing Options...other than Truckee area

Below is a pre-publication article that will appear in the Spring 2013 Sierra Fisherman magazine which will be on-line on March 7...long


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Monday, February 18, 2013

E-QUICKIE REPORT # 70231 (...#10)

NOTE: Fishing Report on bottom

Hi Frank,

Hi Roy---I’ll be at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show this Friday-Sunday. I’ll be in the Truckee Guide NetWork booth. Also, I’m giving a presentation in the Destination Theater at 3PM Saturday…building P ….either option come by and say hello.

I hope you're having a good winter.

We need snow…coming in tonight & Tuesday. I leave for the show on Wednesday….when it is dissipating.

I am probably going to be on Lake Tahoe around March 21, on a trip with folks from work. They will want to ski during the day.

If we get some nice snowfall it should be good early spring skiing….There is a good base from the snow received in December.

What are the odds that I can find some decent fishing on the Truckee or LT at that time of year?

Good…to potentially really good. Biggest fish of the year are caught now through early spring and then again all of October until the snows fall again. Caveat is dependent on access and amount of snows received until your arrival.  Actually we’re fishing now in both California & Nevada…some very nice trout to 23” RB (San Juan Worm) are being caught. A buddy got a 21” RB on a dry, size #18 Black Winter StoneFly this week….and another at 18” on a dry again. Both were “showing”  surface-feeders. Otherwise  nymphing, in the absence of heads, snouts or slow & deliberate “head-dorsal-tail” rises.

Call before you arrive and I’ll give a current report. Could be good fly angling.

Thanks, Frank!




Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Quick Report with Few words...

Well, we need snow; been awhile after the nice falls we had in December. As usual as I prepare for the upcoming Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show (Feb 22-24); I have to decide when I to leave the mountain during the upcoming storm. Fortunately it sounds like it is going to be pretty moderate...only a foot or bit more. this image for better view
I have been fishing.We have had some pleasant days with good access to the water.
No numbers but nice healthy winter RainBows...some on dries...Little Black Winter Stoneflies are a starting along-side a sparser Baetis emergence.
Westslope Winter Fish

Nevada trout...ate a #20 CDC Midge snow in Nevada