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Thursday, August 30, 2012



The Period between "Prime-Time" and the "Second Season" of Fall. The waters are low and warm, most aquatic hatches are over and the trout await cooler flows and remaining bugs to appear on the menu. Fly anglers hope for strong "hopper winds" or probe deep with big food items.

An E-Note Quickie from today:

 "We are in "Tweener-Time" or "Dog Days"....warm water on the BT

(early morning only), low water on the LT with no hatches and

and really spooky fish. I actually refused a trip from a beginner today

because he wanted to go out and catch way.

I'd suggest you visit the NF of the Yuba from Downieville upstream to

Bassetts. No on Greagle area because that is the MF of the Feather;

which is entirely too warm and low this time of year."


Saturday, August 18, 2012


REF: July 13, 2012

Geez---it is epedemic! While on a local stream on Friday, I encountered two "Rush-Holes" within one hour.

 I saw #1 RH, stationary in the water fishing a riffle as I walking downstream; an obvious guide & client. In the interest in extending "guide courtesy" (for that matter stream etiquette in general); I decided to turn-around  and walk with my client to a run a minimum of 200 yards upriver. Reason being is that there were several cars in the area with no one in sight and I was guessing  that everyone was way downstream; with a reasonable expectation that there was no open water available below. We turned-around and at a leisurely walking pace headed upstream. Then I noticed the guide & client; heading in the same direction at an extremely fast-pace with the obvious intent of beating me & client to the run. Heck they must have covered the first 150 yards of the 200+ yards at warp-speed when our backs were turned.

So, we turned around and headed downstream conceding the pool to the guide. As we crossed the stream to get into position to fish a run. Suddenly, out of the haste... appears an angler, #2 RH  Again, we conceded and walked/fished below him. After about 20 minutes of quickly pounding the run he suggests I move upstream with my client to fish the run because there are "fish showing"...Well, thanks, I knew that before you "hole-rushed" me.

In fairness to #2RH; I suggest that 90% of anglers are totally unaware of "stream etiquette"...but, the remaining 10% are gaming to beat you. As for guide #1RH...he knew better and IS one of the 10 per centers.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Where is "Crack-Ass Rock?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm Alive.

I do apologize for this delay; but the fishing in July was pretty good in the Truckee area. Clients had some nice sessions and I wanted to fish directly and not through clients as I do while guiding. So when I had a day-off I did a lot of personal/scout fishing and had some memorable sessions.

"Truckee Falls" Pocket-Water
Things should slow-down a bit through August and into early which time we'll experience the start of the Second Season.
Hopefully, I'll post more image and more thoughts in the next post....again...hoping it is before the Second Season.