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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sage Words From The Icons #2

Topic: Being a "Purist"

"I will not limit myself to dry fly, even for fresh-water trout, because I believe that both wet and dry flies have their uses and their fasination. But I'm inclined to think it is a waste of pleasure to catch fish on a sunk fly when they could be taken on a floater".

Roderick L. Haig Brown...The Maculate Purist chapter in Fisherman's Spring

My Take: Agreed... A Frankism is "A trout fly angler is in denial if they say they do not prefer fishing a dry fly".

IMO, not many trout fly anglers would disagree. I'm of the opinion that there are few more aesthetically pleasing sights than a large trout inhaling your dry fly at the surface. Most especially if it is a selective, rhytmatically feeding trout...and you make the perfect presentation with the right pattern.
        Below....Goodrich Creek and the  ultimate challenge, head-hunting on flat water...casting upstream...channeling Halford....



Saturday, February 7, 2015

Better Than Nothing

We'll take the snow from the front-end of this weather pattern. The most I've heard of is 18" at Mount Rose. My home at 6500' received 3" of extremely wet snow; most of which has melted already. It rained/slushed in town and the Truckee River along Glenshire Drive is muddy with zero visibility, having peaked at 600 cfs, now at 300 cfs. In the canyon it peaked at 900 cfs and is now at 600cfs.

A colder snow is predicted for Sunday night. We'll take whatever we can get. After Monday it is forecasted to be warm again...Geez.

Monday, February 2, 2015



The most  snowfall in recorded Sierra Nevada history occurred during the winter of.....?