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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Truckee Angling, Last Century ThrowBack PART #1

Let'em Breathe!!
I was going through a jumble or paperwork in my upstairs office space and I came across an 8-panel Thy Rod & Staff  brochure I had printed and distributed in the mid-80's to early '90's....the infancy of my fly fishing guide service.

I quickly read through the copy and then wondered if there were similarities or the Truckee, fly fishing "scene" then and now. Here's Panel l, Inside:

 The Area 

The Lake Tahoe region is a world renowned, diversified recreational playground. The addition of trophy trout angling in the area's alpine waters make this the premier outdoor site in the pristine High Sierra

During the70's California's Fish & Game became aware of the natural fishery potential that the area possessed. Working with California Trout, the angler conservation organization, the state instituted "Wild Trout" waters. Restrictive regulations in the form of creel limits, minimum and maximum size requirements and gear use was mandated. The area now sustains self-perpetuating, natural trout populations without the intrusion of hatchery fish that dilute their native instincts. Rainbows, brooks, browns and cutthroats, all jewels in their own right, are available to the conscientious fly angler in and around the Tahoe-Truckee basin 
Let'em Breathe!!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Sage Words from the Icons #16

"Trout are not smart; they are instinctive. They know that their food is a certain size, shape and color, and most importantly, that it travels at the same speed as the current. Anglers who stray from that basic formula have extreme difficulty catching trout."


Book: All Anglers Lie...Chapter 4, Fly Fishing 30

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Mode in Truckee

Lot of consecutive warm and breezy afternoons. The BT has receded, we're seeing more airborne bugs throughout the day...and at times, intense, evening caddis emergences, thick flights of Little Yellow StoneFlies and sparse mating-swarms of Sulfurs (?). 

Middle Truckee water-temps range 51-59. Picking-pockets within boulder gardens temps a lot of feisty (read smallish 7"-10" RainBows). The largest I've witnessed is an 18" RB which ate an #18 Black/Red Zebra Midge, it was stationed at the riffle-inflow of a deep-pool. I've netted RB's to 16 inches; via a #16 PMD Hackle-Stacker. I've heard of a19" trout eating PMD emergers, at dusk (below image)...But, no first-hand nor grapevine Browns; most especially those of out-sized proportions.
Magic-Time on the Truckee's "Toilet Bowl"

As you proceed downstream below either Prosser or Boca dams; you'll  experience two things; heavier flows AND cooler water-temps, 1-3 less. The aforementioned is enlightened angling strategy as we progress into the heat of late-summer to early fall-time.

Don't forget you'll encounter lots of commercial rafting below the inflow at Boca. They are legally permitted to enter the main river at the Boca dam's inflow of the LT no earlier than 10 AM and off the water no later than 5PM; at Floristan only. During the entire trip from Boca to Floristan; the rafters can not disembark.

Water-temps are not an issue on the Little Tricky (LT); being a bottom-release tail-water. My last reading of the inflow from the dam was 46; it should remain in 44-46 degree range...warming as it meanders through meadow,  "canyon water" and into Boca.
Fooling one at "The Willow"
Last Saturday, Stampede looked like it was dampening the spillway. It was ramped-down to "I-don't- like" 70cfs for about two weeks (my preference is 125-250); dropped quickly to 50 cfs and immediately to its current 126cfs...I like it! During an up-ramp my go-to sub-surface, searching, terminal-rig entails  a #14 FleshJuan ... trailing anything small; #18-22 Black Zebras, JuJu BaetisRubber-Legged Red Copper Johns.

As for the bugs?...the usual suspects for mid-summer: BWOs, PMDs and Western Green Drakes.
LT BWO...Be aware of a "masking hatch"
Late-morning to mid-afternoons are your best opportunities for the mayfly emergences. Thus far, unfortunately, the hatches and corresponding surface-feeding has been less spectacular than I've anticipated. Overall, bring your "A-Game" or be humbled here.

HINT: Stillwaters
                                             Yeah!!!..a collector hat 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

ThrowBack Truckee River Regulation Sign

My recollection is that the below California fishing regulation sign was mid-'80's; guessing '84-'86. I consider it the second-generation sign in that the first special regulations for the Truckee River were instituted in either '82 or '83. These C and R rules made the Truckee River a new addition into California's "Wild Trout" program.


Last Saturday in April through November 15


Minimum size limit: 15 inches total length.

Only Artificial flies or lures with

Barbless hooks may be used

(B) Truckee River from the confluence of Trout Creek downstream to the Glenshire Bridge.
artificial lures only
(C) Truckee River from the Glenshire Bridge downstream to the mouth of Prosser Creek.    
artificial flies only
(D) Truckee River from the mouth of Prosser Creek downstream to Boca Bridge.
artificial lures only
(E) Truckee River from Boca Bridge downstream to the confluence of Gray Creek.     
no gear restrictions

               CCR SEC.  7.50 Title 14
Resources Agency of California

The first generation sign had just two special regulation sectors, not four as noted above. From Trout Creek to the Boca Bridge (the old one...closed when?) it was barbless artificials only, two take, minimum 15". From Boca Bridge down stream to Gray Creek it was any gear, two-take, no size requirement. General regs from Gray Creek to the CA/NV border; any gear, 5-take, any size.

Below is the current Truckee river reg sign; 4th generation. These rules were instituted in 2008. Main change was the river being open to angling during the winter; November 16 to the last Friday in April. 
There will be new regulations forthcoming in 2020; the Truckee seems to be included; along with other local waters. If such occurs, then there will be new signs posted. These will be the 5th generation signs. The new signs will be produced and hung throughout the area by volunteers from the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers...such has been done in the past.