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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


On what unpaved road, within the Truckee town limits, is this SPEED LIMIT 8 sign found?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Givers & Takers....

I felt I was due for some proselytising. I thought I'd revisit one of my first blog entries; it is timely because there are quite a few fishery-conservation issues being discussed/planned in the Truckee area. Recently there was a meeting of guides in Truckee that was organized by TU...a good start to get people off their rears. But as I like to say and challenge the locals; "You talk da talk, now it is time to walk da walk".
Both TU and Cal Trout were represented at  the gathering...along with numerous guides and the four (4) Tahoe National Forest permittees were represented; three of the four actual holders were in attendance. The hope is that all interests can work collaboratively together and really get things done. Some anglers are active; most are not....

...from a 2009 post (with minor editing):

"Personally, I'm a firm believer in giving back to a resource that has been good to you. In this case...your "home-water". If in fact you fly fish a specific area or water..."Put your body or $$$ where your flies are!"

Whether you make $$$, as I do from guiding in the Truckee area, or whether you regularly fly fish the should give-back via:

1---Getting politically active in ensuring that your local fishery and its habitat is protected, preserved and enhanced.

2-Volunteering your body for hands-on projects relative to protecting and preserving the fishery

3---Give $$$ to an organization that has your local fishery in mind.

Minimally one, of the above indicates that you care about your fishery; doing all three...Great!

If you do none of the above as an angler but take advantage of the special regulations that have been put in place via the aforementioned three items...simply, you are a taker. In the case of those who make $$$ from the my are an exploiter...and a unconscionable TAKER...who in reality does not care about the health of the fishery and merely looks at it as a source of income...absolutely no "give-back". Think about it....

I have no problem if you disagree with the long as you're civil and we can amiably agree to disagree."