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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Peaking & Trend Lines

BT/LT of two channels below Boca inflow...currently at 2220cfs !!

We've been in the midst of heavy snow-melt starting the 2nd week of March. During this 2 month period there has been four (4) "peak & ebb" cycles relative to snow-melt/flows in the BT; specfically from data I check-out along West River street in Truckee to the Prosser inflow.

The four "peaks" generally ascend during a 8-10 day period (weather related of course); then subside . The first occurred at 400 (2nd-3rd week of March) and second at 375 cfs (1st week of April), Then, showing an ascending trend-line with the latter two peaks at 625 (2nd-3rd week of April) and 850 cfs (ending today). I'm guessing that the latter is the last peak for the year in the aforementioned stretch of river. So we're definitely in a waning period. Now we can fine-tune our crystal balls and predict with more certainty optimum times for fly the near future...MINIMUM of 3 weeks out.

Again, I'm speaking mostly about the upper stretch of river above Prosser creek inflow. This area is more reflective of the natural run-off because there are 6-7 creeks along state route #89 and, IMO during this time of year, both inflows from Donner & Martis creeks are insignificant relative to my assessment of wading/fly fishing conditions. Prosser & Boca dams have strictly man-made releases, although reflective of the melt, but are less natural.

Now is the time to explore the small creeks and streams. As for the LT; it is totally dependent on when they lower the flows below the dam; currently at the high 600's.
...a 'small creek' Rainbow


  1. Great stats and one heck of a nice rainbow trout. Love the small streams!

  2. TM---"...just the facts ma'am!'

    I get involved in fly fishing bulletin boards. Sometimes I can't believe what BS some guides will report relative to conditions. Recently I read a report of a local guide who is telling people that they can find decent trout...he must be hard-up for the trade. All he/she is doing is setting themselves and the clients up for disappointment...considering that on a scale of 1-10, the fishing is at most a 3 right now...or more likely a 2.

    Honest Abe Frank

  3. I hear you on that front. I think we are over the big peak and like you say 3 weeks or so out on the Truckee.

  4. Matt---Yeah we're still 3-4 weeks out for "prime-time".


    PS---I agree with your most recent blog entry that a local fishery should not be touted...geez, especially with "locals".