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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mickey Culter has the correct answer to TT QUESTION #2; Martis Lake.

Butter has guessed Sagehen creek, on the west-side of highway 89, up to UC Sagehen's Research Facility. The regulations there are ZERO kill, no bait and artifiicial barbless hooks only. My recollection is that Sagehen's special reg water was, chronologically, the 4th in the eight (8) special reg waters within 1 hour's drive from Truckee. I'm guessing the regs started in the mid-late'80's.

NOTE: For some reason Google is not allowing me to post this replying to the answers by Mickey & Butter...any help is solicited.


  1. Frank,
    Have there been any improvements on the impact the golf couse has had on Martis? It used to be a real gem. The impact of the sunfish on the calibaetis and the fertilizer problems in regards to weed growth really seemed to deteriorate this lake.

  2. I think it was Martis too. Had some great fishing during the damselfy hatch back in the day...

  3. Johnny,
    Do you know if anything was being done to control how the Nothstar's fertilzing program would stop negatively affecting Martis? Ralph Cutter was the guy in know about this water.

  4. I really don't know but the amount of weed growth seems to have grown exponentially over the years since I first fished Martis in the late 80's