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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fishmas Eve 2011

Friday, April 29th marked the date of the 6th annual Fishmas Eve. It was originated by Stefan McLeod. Initially Stefan funded the event with the credits from his window-cleaning business and attendees made donations for the food and tips for the Blue Coyote crew. The intent was, and continues to be, a commemtorative event of California's now defunct & ritualistic "general trout opener" in the Truckee area which occurred the last Saturday in April. That first year, the Wild Trout waters of the BT and LT were officially opened for the "winter season"; November 15 to the last Friday in April.

Stefan is now president of the local Trout Unlimited group, Chapter 103. This year's event was sponsored by TU and the crowd was the biggest yet...guessing 55-60 attendees.

It was a good time to BS and smooze with fellow fly anglers. Plus, over $1000 was donated to local trout conservation efforts. Stefan...good work!

There were also lots of great raffle prizes....


  1. Sounds like a great time and for a great cause. I really like the painting of the stonefly. NIce Job.. Just curious any new developments with Independence Lake?

  2. TM----I haven't heard anything further on Independence Lake. I did not attend the last focus group. Speaking to people it was essentially reinforcing the comments compiled in the survey.

    As for the stonefly image which was a raffle item at is a painting created by Russell who is the owner of the tattoo shop, the Luckey 7, in King's Beach.