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Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm starting a new game Truckee Trivia*. Hopefully the game will be informative from a regional standpoint & be fun for those who participate. We'll start with a relatively easy trivia:

Question #1----Where is Horner's Corner"?

How much do regional fly anglers really know about the history of fly angling in the Truckee area? How and when did the reality of the great potental for trophy & quality angling come about and who, where, what, & how did it all come about?

A newer generation of local anglers are partaking in the quality of fly fishing that exists here. But, I'm of the opinion that they take the quality fly angling for granted and haven't a clue how this all came about. Who proceeded them and laid the ground work via political lobbying, hands-on projects and funding of local conservation efforts?
*At one time I was a "Trivial Pursuits" fanatic. Almost to the extend that I was going to start
marketing myself as a "Trivial Pursuits" referee. For a fee I would appear at somone's home wearing a striped black/white shirt and have a whistle. It never happened...


  1. It's on the "big" Truckee, just "south" (or right hand side if traveling east) of the I-80 bridge between the truck scales to the west & Hirschdale exit to the east. The river makes a 180 degree turn to create the "corner" effect.

  2. John----Correct. Horner's Corner is at the apex of the "Loop" on the BT. It is named after Jack Horner. What is he noted for?


  3. Frank,
    You are truly a "triva junkee"! I know this because we spoke many years ago on the telephone - way before the internet. From a trout fisherman's point of view, Jack Horner originally tied the "Horner's Deer Hair fly", better known today in the West (and all over) as the dependable "Humpy".

  4. John---Bingo again!

    Who is the other legendary BT angler/fly tyer who developed a well-know fly pattern on the big Truckee?


  5. OK - questions are getting harder! I hope others will jump in. There are so many great anglers who have become legends in their own right and have developed many wonderful and useful flies for the BT. My GUESS to your question would be Cal Bird and his fly the "Bird's Nest".

  6. Where is Wally's hole and who is Wally? Better yet, where the hell is Wally?

  7. By the way, I always thought it was Horney Corner? No? What about Fornicating Rock? I know where that is.

  8. Rich----Wally's Hole? I know where we can find Waldo.

    Speaking of the "Horney Corner"...I once broke through some thickets there and saw...fornicators!*

    Frankie da Voyeur

    PS...John your correct again.

    *such was the orgin of Fornicating Rock; excepting it was a warm rock in lieu of a gravel beach.