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Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Snow?!!...Seasonal Prognosis*

Yeah, it started again last evening on our return from Ralph & Lisa Cutter's new presentation entitled "Lies". It was at the Cal-Neva resort & sponsored by the Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers. Visibility was dicey, especially driving over Brockway Summit. You lucky skiers & gliders will be in Nirvana into late May. SquawlyWood received nearly 59 FEET of snow this winter, breaking the old record by 29 inches. This has been a wonderful year for snow as it relates to invigorating & enhancing habitat for ALL of our local flora & fauna. As of April 1st the Truckee River Basin's 17 measurement sites has this year's snow-pack at 181% of average. More important to us fly anglers is the water-content for April 1; it was 161% of normal. As far as "wettness", this year trails only '83 and '95; 227% and 182%, respectively. So what do these numbers mean as it relates to melt/run-off into our waters? Multiply 181 x 1.61; hence flows will essentially be 291% of normal. Yikes! da PROGNOSIS: It will be a very 'late' year for the BT and it will negatively impact the fishery (read:crowds) on the LT. The up-side is that the BT big boys & girls will not be stung for a long while because we'll not effectively tempt them down-deep...if we can even reach them. I'm predicting a spectacular Fall season. Another plus is that the smaller streams will be fly fishable for an extended amount of time. There will be plenty of healthy, stream-bred trout available for those who will know the whats, wheres, whens and hows. HINT: take-out your seldom used 3 weight rods so that you can put a proper bend in them when encountering the smallish brookies, browns & rainbows; a 12 " trout is "big". A couple of last thoughts. Expect the aquatic HATCHES to be compressed and intense...but later than usual. Do not forget about terresterials; it can be a banner year as it relates to beetles & hoppers. *I do know about Google editing seems to be disabled, so above are 5-6 paragraphs without seperation!!


  1. I cant believe the water levels are so high. I thought we had it bad. I guess I will have to wait a little bit before I make a trip out to Cali. HOpe the waters cooperate. Great Blog. I love California.......and trout. Looks like I will be lucky number 50 follower!! Tight Lines......

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  3. TM---Well the flows are & will continue to remain high in the immediate future because of the record snow we received this year.

    Hey, thanks for helping me reach the 1/2 century mark of 50. I'm sure there are lurkers who...for whatever reason..are not signing-in.
    I'm imploring that they do because I want to surpass Gilligan's number of followers since I am da Dean. I want to give him a good ribbing.

    How'd/where'd you find my blog?

    da Dean

  4. I found your blog while looking at another blog. I cant remember which blog I was reading at the time. I saw the words California and Fly Fishing, and the rest is history...
    Feel free to follow my fishing blog if you get a chance..

    Someday I plan on living out in California part time so I am always happy to know what the trout streams are looking like.