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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SF Giants are World Champs!!!

Finally... after 56 years in San Francisco. What a wondrous journey. The San Francisco Giants are atop the baseball world. How nice it is to stick-it to all the pundits who gave SF's motley & eclectic crew of youngsters/oldsters and story-book characters...NO CHANCE...against the likes of the Phillies and Rangers. How sweet it is!


Oh, been wanting to write a report. Quickly; had some snow over a week ago. The rain/snow blew-out the BT for several days and now it is flowing clearly and nicely. Best time to fish it is mid-day. You'll see few bugs; so dredging near the bottom is the best method right now. Best I've seen as of late are mostly wild RainBows to 14"...I do not count the "club" fish as legit. Generic patterns remain the staples; no sophisication needed.

The LT was fishing great for about 3 weeks with the unsettled weather; slowed a bit this last few days. Through most of October there were tremendous emergences of various aquatics...and lots of heads at the surface. Today we have nice fall weather and clear skies. The rising trout and intense hatches have nevertheless produced decent sessions for both clients and myself; 5-7 fish to hand; biggest being both Rainbows and Browns to 18". Producing flies have been; #8-12 San Juans, Eggs to BWO emergers and Midge larva down to tiny #24.


  1. All through the Series, my wife was rooting for the Rangers. She says she always roots for the underdog although, what I don't understand, is the Giants were the underdog. The right team won anyway.


  2. Shoreman----The Gaints were the heavy underdog against the likes of the mighty Phillies & Rangers; most especially offensively. Pundits seemed to discount the Giants pitching & defense...which shined throughout the play-offs.

    That is what makes this such a sweet victory in the World Series...Giants are the World Champs!!

    Frankie da Fan