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Sunday, November 21, 2010

End of "Regular" Season

It is official, the "regular" season is over. This also applies to my guiding season; although I did guide last year on December 5 0f last year (see December 2009's Frozen Fingers & Icey Guides).

Currently we're in the midst of our first serious winter snow-storm of the season. As of 2 PM today we've received 2 feet PLUS of snow at our back deck at our home at 6500'. The attached image will give you a perspective.
The sun has attempted to peak through on several occasions...very briefly. The snow will continue through early Tuesday. That translates to another 2 feet at my place and minimally another 4 feet on the high peaks; which I'm predicting at cumulatively high-up at 8 feet on new snow. All this bodes well for a good wet winter that will definitely benefit the local trout fisheries.
...My perpetually lighted front-yard forest

A view from our bedroom

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