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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Name This Trout...

...and where was it caught?


  1. Looks like a Snake River fine-spotted to me.

  2. John & Johnnydajewler are totally correct & almost totally correct, respectively. It is a Snake River Fine-Spotted Cutthroat. This image is the first I ever fooled on a recent trip to the Sun Valley during late

    Specifically, it is from the junction pool of the East Fork of the Lost River & Wildhorse Creek in the Copper Basin east of Sun Valley Idaho. It ate a #16 Rubber-Legged, Purple Copper John...on my first indicator/nymphing presentation into the pool. 5-6 cast later I hooked a second one of almost identical size.

    I may post some was a quickie 6 day driven trip at 4 different venue. Had fun seeing some new turf & fly fishing waters; although it has been eons since my last fly angling at Silver Creek.