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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glittering Christmas Gifts

My good bud, da Sheriff of da Canyon ( recently posted a suggested Christmas gift. Hey, the gift is nice and creative, but it is really not a SERIOUS gift for someone special. If you want such contact my other bud, Johnny da Jewler.
Check out some of his original fly angling related items below. I believe these are sterling silver. My wife has "danglies" such as the earings & pendant with stone. If you want something special he'll create a one of a kind...providing you got the pesos, denaros, shekels, bread or bannanas.The above is a belt-buckle...incredible jumping trout; earrings or pendant


  1. Those are nice Frank. You should buy me one for Xmas.

  2. Matt---For sure they are very nice. Would be nice for Rachel...........maybe I can get you "a deal you can't refuse." The DragonFly in Truckee sells his jewelery; there is a display of his goodies there.

    Keith's idea & product is going to sell by the thousands...good idea.

    Frankie da Elf

  3. Thanks for the plug. It's always greatly appreciated.

  4. We should put the "Dean" on the pro staff.