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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pet Peeve # 1: Givers & Takers

Personally, I'm a firm believer in giving back to a resourse that has been good to you. In this case...your "home-water". If in fact you fly fish a specific area or water...Put your body or $$$ where your flies are.

Whether you make $$$, as I do from guiding in the Truckee area, or whether you regularly fly fish the should give-back via:

1---Getting politically active in ensuring that your local fishery and its habitat is protected, preserved and enchanced.

2-Volunteering your body for hands-on projects relative to protecting and preserving the fishery
3---Give $$$ to an organization that has your local fishery in mind.

Minimally one, of the above indicates that you care about your fishery; doing all three...Great!

If you do none of the above as an angler but take advantage of the special regs that have been put in place via the aforementioned three items...simply, you are a taker. In the case of those who make $$$ from the my are an exploiter...and a TAKER.

I have no problem if you disagree with the long as you're civil nad we can amiably agree to disagree.


  1. You tell em Uncle Frank!!
    See you at the LT tomorrow!!

  2. Gonzo---Good seeing you doing some serious obstruction-work to the two hill-climbs. I was happy to see you there in addition to both Dan La Count and "Sugar". 2 of 10 USFS permit users from the Reno Fly Shop is better than the ZERO of 13 permit users from the south-shore fly shop.

    ....I haven't posted my pet peeve #2 over spawning trout!!!

    Uncle Frank

  3. Yeah, it was good to get everyone together!
    That's what I want the new Truckee TU Chapter to be all about.
    I was really excited to see everyone familiar, and a lot of faces I'd seen in the shop or never before, come out and help take care of that place that's given us so much.