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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fly Fishing Moods

Fly anglers are of myriad personality types. Some of us can be viewed as loners, at-all-costs-crowd-avoiders, essentially anti-social. Some of us not, savoring interaction, "fish gossiping" and seeking-out communal-group angling; camaraderie is what it is about.

Regardless of were you're button-holed within the above two extremes, we all display moods; in this case, moods. These angling moods can be seasonal or change day to day. Each mood can fit into a different mind-set relative to in seasonal...or tactical...relative to what is occurring at the moment.

Today is a beautiful, autumn day in the mountains. The air is crisp, the sky azure-colored, the cottonwoods, alders and aspen are brilliantly colored and there is little wind. Although I would prefer a bit of cloud-cover, now is a good time for "head-hunting"...

...see ya

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