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Friday, October 23, 2009


Yeah...moods can be fickle & short-lived. Depending how locked-in you're in your tactical this case "head-hunting"; your mind-set is always subject to change. If there aren't consistent and rhythmic surface-feeders...forgetaboutit! Go down. Call it being a pragmatist.

I don't get to fish much myself because I'm mostly with clients. Essentially, I'm fishing through them so I strive to get them into fish...when it happens that is my gratification. Autumn is my first sustained time when I can do it for me!

This is what has occurred during this "mood" change...the two browns below were TAPED, no BS or quessimates!! I'll be honest, I thought they were larger while the struggles ensued; the taping set things straight.

Cumulatively---three sessions, 10-1/2 hours on LT resulted in 10 hook-ups/6 lands:

Wedneday (10/21)---3 hrs, 2-5PM
3/1; consistent and rhythmic risers resulted in 19-1/2" RB on #22 Brook's Up-Right, Organza-winged Spinner...two rising RB's lost on unanticipated SECOND moves on Brook's fly. I figured on the first moves and applied necessary pressure to move them away from the security lies. Then both made moves that I was not prepared for...very smart trout.

Thursday... (10/22)---3 hrs, 2-5PM
3/3...24" Brown on #12 pink egg, 11" Brn on #18 Olive Mico-May,11" RB on #20 Griffith's Gnat.

Tuesday (10/27)* ---4-1/2 hrs, 12-4:30 PM
4/2; 11" RB on #20 Red Brassie, lost 2 RB's in the 15"-17"...on for about 30 seconds each, #18 Olive Hackle-Stacker and #10 Peppas Egg. The big buck on...a #20 Black Midge Pupa! s&^*! best-ever "20-20". In this case a 24" Brown on size 20 fly. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pumped.

...normally I don't take fish out of the water. Here, I quickly brought to bank to tape and it flipped once before I took image...reason for the grass...It was properly resusitated and swam-off where I was confident it was OK for being out of water for the 20-30 seconds

Amazing, two "fish of the season" in three sweet it is!

*---started this post on the 23rd and posted it on the 27th


  1. Wow! Great fish! That's a pretty good batting average there... I lose a heckuva lot more fish per hookup than that


  2. Brian---Yeah, if I do 50% of hook-up-to-net, I'm a happy camper. Earlier this year on the LT during the PMD emergence I had 8 hook-up/0 land session...all good fish.

    Right now on both the BT and LT it seems to be extremes; small and big'uns. Personally I'm seeing two year old browns & rainbows and the real senior citizens to the net. I've had the mid-range trout on but not landing them.



    Frankie da Fish
    da Dean
    Lester da Molester
    da Deacon
    Frankie Flav

    ...all the above psuedonyms are related to events in my fly fishing life. My fishing buds know the orgins of these names. Some day I'll post on the genesis of the names.

  3. da "Yoda of the the Yuba" reminded me of another pseudonym...Frankie da Hammer". Yet another interesting & humorous adventure in my fly fishing adventures.

    da Hammer