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Saturday, October 17, 2009

I deleted 6 posts!!

Yikes---Being so blog-techno-challenged I inadvertantly deleted five posts!...the intial ones I posted starting in August.

I know that it said it can't be undone...but can it?

I've lost my "RainBow & Blues", "Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously", "Rock & Roll...FlashBack #1", "...An Ultimate Compliment?", the Martin Clan's "Trout Tour 2009" and the lenghty "Summer Doldrums"...I may redo from memory...except the last mentioned

...stay tuned.

...Any help out there or advice ?

Dumb-O Frank


  1. Fuck it frank.
    Start from scratch.

    I inadvertently deleted all of my phone numbers (7 years + of contacts with no form of back-up!)
    It was aggravating at first, but in perspective, it's a fucking phone(Or blog). Who really gives a shit?
    Let's go fish soon Uncle Frank, I miss your enthusiasm!

  2. Uncle Larry---Good advice! So what. You really put things in perspective.

    For sure let'd do it. This week I'm open. Stay here. Karen is away.

    Uncle Frank