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Thursday, April 30, 2020

In Melt in Truckee

Let'em Breathe!

Snow is melting quickly in Truckee at the mid-6000' elevations. It is now melt-and-rising-rivers-time. I'm still "sheltering-in-place" with an occasional venture into town for mail and needed supplies...wearing my Buff and gloves. I'm waiting for a gradual lightening of Pandemics behavior from the responsible agencies.

I haven't done much angling recently; but have been reviewing/purging my image files of such. I've had nice recollections of past early seasons' fly angling within range of town.

Now is the time to explore many of the local Small Waters
If there is water...there are trout
"...melt and rising waters"

Small Waters are most productive on the "drop"
...look for low-gradient flows
Some isolated Small Waters remain productive into early summer

Stream inlets produce well during  run-off conditions; regardless of water clarity. Find the biggest entry channel and then locate both "...feeding & sheltering troughs".


Boatial Distancing
You 'old-timers'...Remember Martis Lake during '80's?

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