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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Fish "The Drop" in Truckee

Let'em Breathe!
I've been reviewing the flow charts as they pertain to the Truckee watershed.  The peak snow-melt and corresponding run-off is subsiding. There is a downward trend-line in the peaks of the  "peaks & troughs" on the water flow charts. As I mentioned in my last post " the drop" in the smaller streams and progressively the larger rivers...AND do not dismiss the stream inflows into the local still-waters. IMO, we're still about 3 weeks plus/minus from the start of the optimum conditions at moving waters in the region.

Unquestionably until that time, the most productive method will be sub-surface fishing. So now is the time to continue probing the depths with big/little searching rigs. As of yesterday there are few consistent bug emergences and their corresponding top-water, feeding
 Wet flies displayed at last season's Devin Olsen's Euro-Nymphing clinic

Thus far there has not been a profusion of wildflowers; even those ubiquitous ones imaged below have not yet made a noticeable appearance. I've been reminded of a small hard-bound book in my fly fishing library which is about "a method of meeting and matching the super hatches of the West" This 1995 book is entitled  THE PHENOLOGICAL FLY
Our state flower...sparse here but dense on the Sierra west-slope hills & valleys
The Mule Ear, at this elevation it is as prolific as the California Poppy found on the lower
Camus Lily...profuse in the "wet lands"

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