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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Truckee Area MOODS...Pre-Melt Throw-Back

One thing about sheltering in place is that you start reminiscing about past, early-spring, pre-melt, fly fishing sessions in the Truckee region. My climatic preference is sun, sparse cloud-cover and minimal wind; mid-days. Access points are still few.

When this Pandemic subsides I'm in an anxious MOOD to breathe fresh air while tramping through snow to a favored holding water, with my dry fly rod in hand (...see NOTE); looking for snouts at the surface... sipping first-brood BWO emergers and fully-developed duns. Well, OK, if I'm really anxious for the tug; I'd carry a second rod, set-up for a more consistent method that will produce "da throb of the rod".

IMAGES from the past follow editorializing...

NOTE: Selected excerpt from MOODS article in Sierra Fisherman, July 2014
"Moods take many forms...

Head-Hunting: There are times when I've walked a river for three hours, without casting once. I did not see a single trout rise. We are entitled to being a "purist" whenever we wish.
We all experience fishing moods; whether seasonally, day-to-day or spur of the moment. Each mood fits a current mind-set. Yes, moods can be fickle, prolonged, short-lived and will draw us to different types of water...these moods can overshadow what may be a more pragmatic approach that will produce more hook-ups, but there is no way we will be moved away from that mood...
We fly anglers are of myriad personality types. Some of us are loners, at all-costs-crowd-avoiders; essentially anti-social (editor: appropriate for these times!). Some of us not; savoring interaction, "fish gossiping" and seeking out communal group angling (...a GroupFish!); camaraderie is what it is all about. Regardless of where you are "button-holed" within the two extremes; each mood fits our psyche's current 'state of mind'.

Moods allow us to fly fish in many ways. All provide a certain pleasure."
...Trek cautiously...avoid "post-holing"
...a bit too fast
ah, heads!
Hook'em in the soft riffle and net them below in the pool
An early spring, dry-fly double...JR and Pancho
Get back before the sun sets...gets really cold!

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