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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Truckee Area 2013 Prognosis

We were hoping for a "Miracle March" of lots of snow...hasn't happened. As of four (4) days ago the Truckee River Basin's seven (7) selected measurement sites are recording 64% of average water content of snow and 78% of total precipitation. Per my "Truckee Tips"; water content is a better indicator of the amount of run-off/melt that the area will receive. So, .64 X .78 equals the amount of water the basin will ultimately receive; in this case 49.9 % of normal water content.

So how does the above data pertain to the anticipated fly fishing this current season?
Everything will be minimally 3 weeks earlier than normal.

During the last two weeks we've been netting decent trout; Rainbows to 20" and Browns to 23". There have  been few occasions for surface activity; so most of the hook-ups occur via deep, dead-drifting San Juans...trailing smallish 16-20 sized BWO's and midges. In "da Grand Canyon of the Truckee" March Brown adults (forgetabout the adult; soft-hackles or nymphs) are around, Skwalas are fading and unbelievably dark Winter Stones are still about on the LT.

I'm getting reports of a few trout chasing and eating streamers. Now is the time to venture to the Truckee area*; anticipate "regular-opener" conditions. The run-off will cease  and we'll be experiencing "dog-days-of-summer" early as late July.

* remember!...running waters open to fishing are ONLY the Special reg sections of both the BT and LT; all others open Saturday April 27, 2013

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