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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just Saying...A Question

I've been involved in  the fly fishing industry for numerous years. With the advent of the Internet things changed from a marketing and/or promotion perspective.  Of course it is a given that we're attempting to tout our services to attract prospective clients...some more blatantly than others. Some of us are low-key and others, IMO, self-possessed egotists. We decide how we want to promote our services. How we want to do it is an individual decision; bottom-line, it is business. This is as it should be.
 So what is the point of this post you ask?...Well,  recently I visited a high-profile, marketing guide's site. On it there were at least a dozen  "grip and grin", hero images of the guide with hefty trout, not a single image of  a client with a trout!......hmmm??...just asking.
 da Stick and Jim in the midst of a trout "flurry" at Papa's Pool

My take on a competent fly angling guide is that one has both technical and great communication/people skills...and the ability to move from one talent to the other...seamlessly. That translates into getting one's client into fish...for THEIR hero shot.

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  1. Good point!! I HATE seeing guides holding the fish. Personally if I had pictures like that after paying a guide a weeks wage I would be PISSED. I think the grip and grin pics are pretty lame anyway. People hold the fish out to make it look bigger. My favorite pictures are the ones of the angler with a big bend in his rod or the fish in the water.