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Friday, January 4, 2013

Decisions...Decisions for 2013 Winter

We're wishing everyone had a pleasant beginning for 2013...and hoping that everyone has a propserous and healthy 2013.
Currently the weather in Truckee is blue skies, no wind and glistening/sparkling snow. Karen has been both skiing and snow-shoeing with her crew...Me, shoveling lot of snow (haven't used the out-of-tune snow-blower); definitely needing good cardio work-outs.

This is a good start as far as snow fall. This morning I read  that the average water-content in the the Sierra is 134%; a good start. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the precipitation continues with the beautiful interludes we're experiencing now.
Currently we're conflicted about the numerous options available during the next 3 months not including spare-of-the-moment local fly fishing (access permitting); snow-shoes are a good idea.

The only events that are cut-in-stone thus far are a full-moon, snow-shoe hike on January 25 or 26 and that I'll be at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show during February 23-25. Other than that we're, undecisively, thinking of "flying south" to visit good friends in San Diego and Malibu, reverse direction north to Seattle staying/visiting with family and extended family (five seperate groups!!), going to Fort Collins Colorado or the Green River in Utah...the latter two being flyfishing. I've ceased going to Chilean Patagonia and now I'm "bucket-listing" New Zealand for my next long-distance fly angling adventure...Tough life eh?

We're enjoying life...being thankful  and fortunate.

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