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Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm Not Dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS...

I'm living it!
...the back deck
We're in the middle of the first serious winter storm. 3'-5' of new snow is anticipated at the upper peaks. So far we've received at least 18"+ at our place at 6500'. This should last through Sunday the 23rd. Then on Monday, hopefully, the roads and our driveway will be cleared and we head west "down the mountain" visiting family in Auburn and then to San Francisco to my natal North Beach (...this IS a fly fishing blog, so might as well include a  biological fishery term). We''ll indulge in a Christmas day supper at my sister Rita's home.  For the first time we'll meet a new addition to the family, our grand-nephew Arim. 
Our "northwoods" view from the warmth of our great mountain home
Prior to this blizzard Karen was one of Santa's elves...making sure everyone was nice and not naughty. He flew in for the day and appeared at the Truckee airport. Karen helped with the wish-list writing.
 Click-on the above for larger view of what is requested of Santa
Karen and I wish everyone a safe, happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2013
...a friend's Christmas tree...we've lit-up live ones in our "northwoods" forest
...might as well do a FLY FISHING REPORT: 

Best to ski and glide in the Tahoe-Truckee area right now and for the next couple of months; there will be limited access with an occasional "window" of opportunity. This past week trout were eating midges and San Juan worms. Sub-surface nymphing at mid-day has/will be best. As the winter progresses start looking for black winter stoneflies....water temperatures/sun exposure are key.

Contact me for a reliable update on potential conditions.


  1. Happy Holiday's Frank. Down the hill a ways, we have lucked out. All we got was a flurry on Friday, but the storm isn't over yet.

  2. Mark----Still snowing at 11:30 AM on the 23rd. We've received about another 18"...So far 3' plus/minus at our place; guessing 6' at the higher elevation. Have to do some shoveling on the back-deck before heading-out to Auburn/San Francisco tommorrow.