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Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Seldom sees...

these feline predators but they inhabit the forests and chaparral within and surrounding  the town Truckee.
coming out of cover...on the stalk
They are more easily seen now because of the snow on the ground. During summer and fall they are well camouflaged amongst the foliage and ground-cover.
This bobcat is a Lynx rufus not a Lynx lynx. The former's range is here in the US while the latter is found predominately from the Canadian border north. It was stalking a hare; but its was pre-empted in its quest when a hawk swooped-down through the trees and picked-up the hapless hare.
This series of images was photographed in Truckee in resident Ellie Hyatt's back-yard forest.  She lives at about 6300' elevation northwest of NorthStar ski resort's Mount Pluto.
moving in...
Oh well! ...after the raptor appeared and lifted-off its prey

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  1. Hi Frank. We've had one trot down the driveway once or twice since we've lived in the house. Beautiful animal.