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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Truckee Fly Fishing...Betwixt & Between...

...rain, sleet and snow. Or as Kenny Rogers' song intones "...know when to hold'em...fold'em and when to walk away". Well, yesterday (11/28) after a brief one trout session on the LT; I decided to walk away....I haven't put-on my studded tires yet. I have to start thinking about winter fly fishing gear, garb and being comfortable.
wet, cold, sleet-snow
Prior to I experienced three nice sessions and fine weather...betwixt and between
The day after Thanksgiving Pancho and I ventured into the Grand Canyon of the Truckee. We timed the outing hoping to find some surface feeders eating BWO's...never happened. The bugs appeared at 1 PM but no fish ate on top, So we adapted; going down. The two brought to hand, a 15" brown and 13" RB ate a #14 Flesh Juan, under an indicator with two BB-shot.
CyberFly!!...studying a long deep riffle 
Pancho taking a break at a placid pool 
On Monday me and El Presidente (Tahoe-Truckee Fly Fishers current chief) crossed the border into Nevada and  fished the BT east of Reno in the "Mustang" area.
El Presidente worked a long run and hooked-up on some RainBows using a new #12 WhiteFish Egg Pattern he was field-testing. Then Gilligan (aka...da Sheriff of da Canyon) showed-up with  some anglers.
They disembarked and preceded to fish a very nice pool; a quick in-flow at the top with a very nice seam on one edge and a distinct foam-line trailing; a place for some nice Rainbows and big Browns in the quieter water in the gut or tail-out of the pool.
a decent RB was netted and a couple of other hook-ups were LDR'd 
Knowing some weather was approaching I fished the "lower-upper" beat  of the LT on Tuesday, 11/27. It was productive. The cfs was just ramped-up from its near 2+-months of 47 cfs to 87 and then 123..."worm-time"! Yes a #14 Flesh Juan got attention resulting in a quick-action, 2-hour,  7 hook-up/5 land  session of both RB's and Browns from 12"-18". Two browns fell for a trailing #20 BH Olive Midge.
a worm eater
...a slabby RainBow
da midge
da worm


  1. Very nice work Uncle Frank.
    Gotta go out once bird blasting season is over.
    Hope you and K had a great weekend. Stay dry and I'll send you flood pics as the trash from the last 5 years floats through Reno on Sunday.

  2. Hey Frank. If you liked yesterday, the rest of this weekend should really get you excited. Raining like mad down here.

  3. Mark---Terrible driving conditions on my trip to Reno today...heavy rains and poor visiblity. Snowing at my place in Truckee right now.


    PS---Main Truckee is blown-out and brown...Only option for another "window of opportunity" is when the weather clears next week at the LT and the clearing...and...subsiding of the BT.

  4. What the hell Dean? Deleting my comment? I'll get the Don and the Sheriff on you!

  5. Crazy Uncle Larry---No, I never deleted it. Normally I get a e-notice when someone has commented. For wahtever reason I never got an alert of your 2 comments. I found both of them in my "comment moderation" section. I would never delete comments from my favorite Gonzo!

    Uncle Frank

  6. Haha good man. I'm sure my flesh falls under the Spam category in more ways than one..