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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"General" Season Over...Party Season Starts

Fly fishing continues in the Truckee area, as weather permits. There are windows of opportunity in-between the rain,sleet and snow. ...Please see next report at end of the week. But the party season has begun earlier than normal.
Prior to Thanksgiving we had snow falling,  This year was the first Thanksgiving we stayed on the mountain; merely driving 2 miles to our cousin's place. There we feasted with guests from Ireland, New Zealand, Oregon and the Bay Area. Generally this is the first gathering of friends and families. This year, the mountain party season started at da Artiste and Sakura's wedding party at the former's work studio. Normally we play poker Texas-Hold'em there, but for this occassion it was cleared-out and festively decorated for fun by iconoclist gathering of Truckee folks, Sakura's relatives from Japan and da Artiste's family from Clevland Ohio. Images below reflect the hazy, frolicking time had by all.

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