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Monday, November 12, 2012

Trinity Report

da Consigliere laying on the pressure
"Cutting to the chase" is said; we hooked 16 and netted 5; loosing 2 at the net, during three days of floating on the Trinity. Four were hooked/2 landed while "swinging". My noble contribution to the numbers was 5 hooked...ZERO in the net.Four were played for extended amounts of time...aerials, long runs, rolls at the surface etc. Lost one in a willow root, one on an aerial and two merely uncorked. We heard reports of severe numbers such as 32 and 16 hook-ups in one day; but otherwise, overall, our numbers were typical of all the people we spoke with. There was a ton of spawning , dead and dying salmon.We drifted the Sky Ranch to Lime Point area.  We did catch about a dozen "Tiny-Tims" (8"-10" steelhead smolts).

Productive flies were an elognated, #8, 3XL, rubber-legged, dark streamer while swinging a 15' sink-tip via a single-handed rod. For indicator fishing the effective flies were #8 Peach or Pink egg patterns, Prince Nymphs and a #10 Yellow Copper John.
Al Go Fish...going into his backing...on the swing
(click-on image for a clearer image of the line)

The weather was nice with fog in the AM's and clearing in the afternoons. At one time Al Go Fish and da Consigliere were fishing shirtless! I left Weaverville CA at mid-morning and headed home on Thursday (11/8); just ahead of the snow we received here in Truckee during Friday-Saturday.
A rare,wild (intact adipose fin), tagged (blue wire at dorsal) Steelhead
"The moment of truth" the net
A hatchery fish...clipped adipose 

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